110+ Striking Wolf Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Getting a wolf tattoo is an obvious choice for those planning to have their first tattoo because of their familiarity. Wolves have long been an important symbol in many cultures around the globe; especially for native Americans and the Celts. Most of the time, people perceive wolves only as ferocious and ruthless predators, while for others, they’re positive symbols. Wolves hunt in packs and are efficient predators in that sense. They can also survive harsh environmental conditions which render them feared by many. Ancient Christians viewed wolves as a manifestation of Satan because of their scary reputation back in the days.

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Wolf Tattoos for Men

We’ve gathered the best wolf tattoos for men so you can indulge yourself in these beautiful pieces of art until you finally decide which design to ink on you.

Glancing Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo For Men

Get inspired with this unique glancing wolf design which symbolizes the patience and quiet ambition of the tattooee.

Realistic Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Getting a sleeve tattoo instantly uplifts your manliness, and by inking in a realistic wolf, your message is sure to be seen by others.

Heterochromic Crystal Wolf

Wolf Tattoo Ideas For Men

Show off your modern gentleman’s taste by incorporating a crystal design which symbolizes a positive flow of energy.

Fierce Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

You can also get an intimidating appearance by getting a fierce and fearless animal indeed made for those who can back it up with a firm stance.

Full Front Body Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Meaning For Men

Getting a full front tattoo is a perfect choice for bold men because of its tendency to be a show-stealer. Choose this type if you are someone who wants to get noticed in every beach party.

Howling Wolf And Full Moon

Wolf Tattoos For Men Forearm

The howling wolf and full moon tattoo indeed complete your masculinity with its display of passion and commitment.

Furious Wolf And Young Eagles

Wolf Tattoos For Men Meaning

The young eagles represent the powers of the tattooee’s desire to grow despite the furious wolf’s representation of his agonies.

Sketched Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos For Men On Arm

Show your taste for fine arts by getting a sophisticated design and placing it in front of your thighs so it can easily be seen.

Hunting Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos For Men On Inner Forearm

Are you an avid hunter or just a fan of unique tribal tattoos? If yes, then getting a wolf tattoo ready to pounce on its prey is indeed a no-brainer.

Tormented Wolf Head Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Sleeves For Men

This tormented wolf head displays his firm stance to overcome challenges despite the factors trying to pull him down.

Wolf Tattoos for Women

Although wolf tattoos are generally regarded as a man’s tattoo because of its fearless and savage attributes, they are also known for their loving and mysterious characteristics which attracted the attention of many females.

The Woman And Wolf Spirit Tattoo

Beautiful Wolf Tattoos For Women

The wolf spirit is used here as a symbolism of the tattooee’s solemn yet passionate side which is an excellent first tattoo for women.

Full Back Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Best Wolf Tattoos For Women

This fullback wolf and dreamcatcher tattoo is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who want to show off some boldness.

Couple Wolf Back Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Tattoos For Women

Display your passion for love and sensuality by inking a wolf couple on your back additionally giving it more visibility.

Ash Wolves And Symbol

Small Wolf Tattoos For Females

Impress every person you meet by getting inspiration from this ash and mist wolf tattoo which symbolizes the tattooee’s beautiful taste in art.

Black Wolf And Roses Tattoo On Thigh

Small Wolf Tattoos For Women

Exuding a black wolf and lovely rose, this tattoo is definitely for those who want to experiment and be liberal on their tattoo design.

Angry Wolf With Roses Shoulder Tattoo

Tiny Wolf Tattoos For Women

Show your ferociousness off to everyone and instantly fend off those who can’t handle your strength!

Wolves On Mountain With Quote Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoos For Women

You can try and add other quotes that inspire you to a wolf tattoo letting its message get across more easily.

Abstract Wolf Head Women’s Tattoo

Wolf And Feather Tattoos For Women

This wolf head design is the one to get by those with a taste of modern yet artistic designs because of its rare and colorful abstract design.

Mist Wolf Head On Rib Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos For Females

Capture the attention of every person on the beach by placing an artistic tattoo under your rib which is sure to enhance your confidence.

Full Back Wolf Tattoo On Girl

Wolf Tattoos For Women

This depiction of a wolf head with flowers represents the tattooee’s creative and alluring taste.

Celtic Wolf Tattoos

Directly influenced by Celtic culture, these charming designs are the best choice for those who want to stand out because of its subtle familiarity and emotional appeal. They were represented as guardians of nature and protector of ancient realms due to their calm yet dangerous temperament.

Ancient Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Symbol

The wolf wearing a Celtic helmet signifies the wolf’s power while its quiet look represents its wisdom.

Howling Celtic Wolf With Eagle

Celtic Wolf Tattoos Symbol

This tattoo’s magnificent display of power is indeed a testament to the wolf and eagle’s influence on the Celts.

Celtic Wolf Paw Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Tattoos Meaning

This wolf paw design certainly adds a layer of intensity with its ancient Celtic influence.

Running Wolf With Quote

Celtlc Wolf Tattoos Designs

Present the message you want to convey better by putting words along with a Celtic wolf which enhances the overall impact of the wolf tattoo.

Running Celtic Wolf

Celtlc Wolf Tattoos Design

A running wolf represents its owner’s free-spirited nature which you can further add value by placing it on a visible body part.

Celtic Wolf Head

Celtic Wolf Tattoos

This tattoo sends us to another dimension with its retro futuristic-Celtic design.

Celtic Wolf Tattoo On Chest

Celtic Wolf Tattoo

The wolf’s icy stare and ghoulish tongue indeed set it apart from traditional wolf tattoo designs.

Abstract Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Aztec Tattoos

Add a unique taste to your Celtic wolf tattoo by incorporating a bold idea to give it a stronger fashion statement.

Celtic Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Celtlc Tribal Wolf Tattoos

This is yet another ghoulish wolf tattoo further intensified by its easily-seen sleeve design.

Standing Celtic Wolf

Celtlc Knot Wolf Tattoos

Unlike most wolf tattoos, this example is unique due to its standing wolf design.

Small Wolf Tattoos

If you are a bit shy about showing your tattoo, then getting a small tattoo is an option you can consider. Not only that it looks cute, but its tiny size also adds up to its intimacy.

Howling Wolf And Full Moon Tattoo On Back

Small Wrist Tattoos Wolf

The small size of the wolf tattoo is not enough to undermine the superiority the howling wolf presents which are ideal for women who want a classy design.

Small Wolf Head Tattoo On Wrist

Small Wolf Tattoos Tumblr

This cute wolf tattoo is further made attractive with its minimalist design.

Wolf And Starry Night Back Tattoo

Small Wolf Tattoos For Guys

Overflow with confidence as you steal other people’s glance at your next party with this design in which the wolf howls while riding the moon in the sky.

Geometric Wolf Head Tattoo

Small Wolf Tattoos

This small wolf head tattoo is an excellent choice for the younger generation because of its modern-looking geometric patterns.

Small Wolf Head Forearm Tattoo

Small Wolf Tattoo

This small wolf tattoo is a bit hard to accomplish because of its finely-detailed design. But getting a tattoo like this will eventually pay-off since it is sure to amaze other people when they see it.

Rose Wolf Head Tattoo

Small Wolf Arm Tattoos

The flowery wolf head represents the tattoo owner’s passion for romance and love.

Cute Geometric Wolf Wrist Tattoo

Small Wolf Tattoos

By using simple geometric lines, you too can rock a young wolf tattoo which represents youthfulness and innocence.

Howling Wolf and Sun Tattoo On Arm

Pictures Of Small Wolf Tattoos

This wolf tattoo is inked in an unconventional manner by drawing a sun-eating wolf which symbolizes the tattooee’s quest towards glory.

Resting Wolf Couple Tattoo

Cute Small Wolf Tattoos

This wolf tattoo calms anyone who views it with its two lovely resting wolf couple.

Wolf  Head Tattoo On Finger

Cool Small Wolf Tattoos

The finger placement of this wolf tattoo makes it very personal because a finger is usually seen as an intimate place to put a tattoo.

Native American Wolf Tattoos

The wolf serves as an essential symbol in Native American culture because of their keen sense of their surroundings making them a popular choice for those who want to pay tribute to their ancestors. Aside from being used as a tribute, a Native American wolf tattoo can also represent your spirituality and deep connection to nature.

Wolf Head and Indian Ancestors

Native Amrican Indian Wolf Tattoos

This wolf tattoo represents a very famous Native American folklore in which their ancestors transformed from wolves to men.

Native American Woman With Wolf Headdress

Native American Tribal Wolf Tattoos

The wolf headdress design symbolizes their influence on Native Americans as spirit guides.

Wolf Headdress on Indian Girl

Native American Wolf Girl Tattoos

Howling Wolf With Chief

Native American Wolf Sleeve Tattoos

Native American Wolf Chief Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo

Native American Wolf Spirit

Native American Wolf Tattoo Designs

Chief Wolf Head Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Wolf Headdress And Rose On Indian Woman

Native American Wolf Tattoos

Native American And Wolf Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoos And Meanings

Symbolizing camaraderie between the wolves and Native Americans, this wolf tattoo certainly holds a profound meaning.

Furious Wolf Headdress Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo Tumblr

Matching Wolf Tattoos

Whether you want to get two wolves inked on you or you want to give the other half of a matching tattoo, a matching wolf tattoo certainly gives its owner a physical representation of their bond with another person.

Wolf And Hyena Matching Tattoo

Couple Wolf Tattoo

Expecto Patronum Couple Wolf Tattoo

Couple Wolf Tattoos

This matching wolf tattoo will capture the minds of all the Potterheads out there!

Night Wolf and Fox Matching Tattoo

Lovers Wolf Tattoos

Couple Wolf Head Tattoo

Matching Wolf Tattoo

Solidify your relationship by getting a matching wolf tattoo.

Matching Couple Wolf And Moon Tattoo

Matching Wolf Tattoos

Howling Father And Son Wolves

Matching Wolf Tattoos For Couples

Matching Wolf Head Tattoos

Wolf Couple Tattoos

Fox And Wolf Matching Tattoos

Wolf Tattoo Designs For Couples

Matching Night Wolf And Sun Deer

Wolf Tattoos For Couple

Wolf Head Couple Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos For Couples

Realistic Wolf Tattoos

If you are someone who wants to stay classic and wants to approach things more traditionally, then get a realistic wolf tattoo.

Blue Wolf and Red Wolf Realistic Tattoo

Best Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Calm Feminine Wolf

Hyper Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Calm your senses as you stare at this beautiful tattoo which is an excellent extension of the tattooee’s temperament.

Hunting Wolf Pack Tattoo On Shoulder

Photo Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Realistic Fighting Wolves Chest Tattoo

Realistic Grey Wolf Chest Tattoo

Walking Lone Wolf

Realistic Howling Wolf Tattoos

This wolf tattoo represents the tattooee’s lone adventure in life which implies both sadness and strength to move on.

Realistic Hand Tattoo of an Angry Wolf

Realistic Wolf Face Tattoo

Whole Back Realistic Wolf & Nature Tattoo

Realistic Wolf Head Tattoo

Tearful Fantasy Wolf

Realistic Wolf Tattoo Designs

Realistic Misty Howling Wolf

Realistic Wolf Tattoos

Dark & Serious Wolf Tattoo

Real Wolf Tattoo

Get goosebumps with this wolf’s cold stare and immediately appreciate this piece of art.

Wolf Tattoo Meaning and Symbolisms

Although wolf tattoos are popular nowadays, there is much allowance for a wolf tattoo to be unique and special because of how it’s perceived differently by many cultures. As mentioned above, Native Americans see wolves as a spiritual guide and a sign of strength. In other parts of the world, wolves appear as Shinto gods in Japanese culture while in the time of the Celts, wolves were seen as protectors of the woods.

As seen above, wolf tattoos can be interpreted in virtually limitless ways because of their ubiquity in many cultures. Moreover, a wolf in a tattoo can have different styles and can come with other animals holding a profound significance. We have gathered the most outstanding wolf tattoos along with their meanings, so hopefully, you can find inspiration for your next wolf tattoo!

Final Thoughts On Getting A Wolf Tattoo

Because of the vast choices and inspirations to choose from, planning for a wolf tattoo is not an easy task. But because of the wolves’ familiarity in many cultures worldwide, careful planning and the right choice of tattoo artist certainly pays off. We recommend reading up on other best tattoo inspirations so you won’t regret any decision you make. Once you get your new wolf tattoo, you can then share it with us and get a chance to get featured on our next article!

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