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Wireless Internet Connecting More Americans to Broadband in 2020

More Americans are using wireless technology to connect to the Internet at broadband speeds. However, most home internet connections still rely on buried cables. But going forward, wireless seems to be the technology service provider and consumers are most excited. This is the 2020 report from HighSpeedInternet.com according to The State of the Internet. And more broadband access means more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country.

The epidemic showed how important Internet connectivity is. Not for any one group, business or industry, but for everyone. And for small businesses with limited res, this is even more important. Wireless broadband access means that a small business can allow its employees to work remotely, easily take online orders for pickup or delivery, chat over video to respond to customer requests is.


This key is providing reliable broadband technology to all regions of the country so that individuals and businesses can flourish simultaneously. The fact that people and businesses differ technologies within miles of each other is now a working model moving forward. Think of what you would be able to do with better internet service that you cannot do at a slower pace.

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Wireless Technology Connecting More Americans to Broadband

Broadband is a catalyst for small business growth as it generates innovation and employment. According to the SBA, it is necessary to:

  • Achieving strategic goals
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reach more customers
  • Negotiate with vendors

Beyond these capabilities, another thing that broadband provides is opportunity. As a small business, you can operate a global enterprise in your home office or small business in a small town using your broadband connection. And the good news is that wireless technology is connecting more Americans to broadband.

The report noted that there are gaps in availability and affordability across the US. But it continues to be said, improvements in technology and Internet infrastructure can help bridge this gap. And wireless appears to be the technology companies are using to deliver broadband.

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  • 5G – Fifth Generation of Cellular Data Services
  • LEO Satellite – Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet (Elon Musk’s Starlink)
  • 4G – fourth generation of cellular data service
  • Fixed-wireless – Uses closed by cell towers with home transceivers to provide connectivity

The good news is that there are technologies that are deployed, and they are already in service or undergoing trials. 5G already offering technology and great promise is offering blazing speeds in locations with the right infrastructure. 4G infrastructure has been deployed and is a proven wireless platform to deliver broadband speeds.

Fixed wireless cell towers are used to provide broadband services in rural areas or without cable services. This service requires a line of site for the cell tower to function. But with limits up to 10 miles, there are great opportunities.

Starhas big ambitions. But once all LEO satellites (30K or more) are launched, broadband internet service will be ubiquitous globally. As of now, Staris running “Better Nothing Beta” tests in Maine, Montana, North Dakota, and Washington and is in orbit with more than 835 satellites.

What do customers want to pay?

New Internet plans in the US cost an average of $ 48.25 per month, but people are reporting that they spend an average of $ 80 per month. Nevertheless, they consider $ 20- $ 50 a month for the Internet to be a reasonable amount. Therefore, it is not surprising when 61% of Americans feel that their Internet service has ended.

And the price is not going to come down anytime soon. As more people rely on internet service and providers are aware of this fact, expect to pay more with each passing year. But then, once the deployment of technology Elon Musk goes completely online, it can keep the price out of control or reduce it for the industry.

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