Winners of the ‘Oscars of watches’ on show at Dubai

Winners of the ‘Oscars of watches’ on show at Dubai

The winners of this year’s “Oscars of Watchmaking” were chosen, with a wide range of timepieces recognized for their technical perfection and eye-catching design.

An industry jury selected the best watches in the world in fifteen different categories, including sports, jewelry and travel watches, with the awards awarded by the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) in Geneva more early this month.
Winners of the ‘Oscars of watches’ on show at Dubai

The grand prize for the best watch in the world, the Grand Prix de l’Aiguille d’Or, was awarded to Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1 Chronometer by Ferdinand Berthoud.

This timepiece in white gold and titanium in a limited edition, which sells for more than $ 200,000, has a leather strap and is powered by a manual-winding movement made up of more than 1,120 components.

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The Audience Prize, chosen by votes submitted internationally online and in certain international watch exhibitions, was awarded to 33 bis Quai des Bergues by Czapek Geneva.

The winning watches were presented in Seoul, Rome and Geneva before their arrival in Dubai on November 15 for their last hurray at Dubai Watch Week.

Audemars Piguet, Montblanc, MB&F, Piaget, TAG Heuer and Tudor watches, as well as Chanel, Eberhard & Co, Fabergé and Grönefeld, were also honoured by the international jury of 27 people this year.

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