Wine: 10 bottles to be uncorked now (at the end of the lockdown)

Wine: 10 bottles to be uncorked now (at the end of the lockdown)

The warm season has arrived and the long lockdown has ended with her. To celebrate the return to a first semblance of “normalcy”, what could be better than a good bottle of wine to toast? But it is the right one, it is an important event!

Here are our 10 tips for bottles to uncork these days.

Cuvée ’More Pas Dosé – Cigognola Castle

In Oltrepò Pavese there are 3000 hectares of vines dedicated to Pinot Noir, practically more here than throughout Italy. But many still ignore this area not far from Milan, and thus miss the opportunity to taste great wines. The Pinot Noir here enjoys the clay soils and the 45 ° parallel on which it grows allows it to have excellent ripeness. In the Castle of Cigognola it is getting serious, the “Pinot Noir maison” produces sparkling wines according to the classic method with its own stylistic code, able to really excite. Elegance with bubbles with ripe fruit and reduced dosage, as in the case of the Cuvée ’More Pas Dosé, a great freshness that is expressed with red fruits, peach nut and green apple. In the glass, immediacy and body coexist for a satisfying and continuous drink. Even in the case of the “Brut” version, less graceful but richer in which the ripe and exotic fruit, primarily mango, are the masters along a constant acid nerve. On the other hand, where there is creativity there is evolution.

Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg Alice .G – Alice’s vineyards

We are in the high Treviso hills where the Prosecco Superiore vines grow on the slopes declared a World Heritage Site. Here since the beginning since 2005 Cinzia Canzian has set up her company “Le Vigne di Alice”. Forget the generalist and misleading idea that you have of Prosecco, put aside the (pre) often negative judgments about frivolous bubbles without character, and taste its .G classic method from Glera grapes. What a bomb, it is very rich and intense, deep and wide, it presents itself with the most sober notes of apple and expands with a good presence of pulp and constant memories of ripe fruit; mineral and spicy, captivating and delightful, a Prosecco sui generis that makes up a varied family to discover. “Life is a bubble”, as Cinzia says, if they are all like hers, it will be a good life.

Soave Classico Doc Calvarino – Pieropan

You will hardly taste a Soave of this caliber. In the classic hilly area of ​​Soave there are the vineyards of the Pieropan family, now in its fifth generation, including the Calvarino cru from which the homonymous wine is obtained, the most traditional and authentic expression of the Soave wine whose first label dates back to 1971. Garganega 70% and Trebbiano di Soave 30%, it is particularly long-lived, it will amaze you to taste some old vintage (if you are lucky) but it is an out of class right away. It comes from a chalky soil that gives it a pleasant flavor and minerality. Calvarino is elegant and very pleasant, the floral profile outlines its grace and the ample bouquet is fun: from the pear to the white melon, from the apple to the hazelnut which denotes its recognizable characteristic. Elegantly savory, long and persistent, a sample. When you are ready, treat yourself to the unforgettable “La Rocca” wine.

Colli Aprutini Pecorino IGT – Emidio Pepe

The revered master of Abruzzo wine has given so much to Abruzzo wine and continues to do so. In Torano Nuovo, on the rolling hills of Teramo, he was the first to raise the two identity vines of the region, Montepulciano and Trebbiano, starting the bottling now sixty years ago. Born in 1932, Emidio Pepe is still there to trample the earth, what you drink still (really) comes from his wise and repeated but never systematic actions. The ancestral work done depends only on nature and thus applies to the wines produced, one with the territory, a sip of Abruzzo never so authentic. But in addition to the two cornerstones with which the family has become appreciated in the world, there is also the most recent Pecorino in production, a persuasive and generous white. Thick and tactile, it immediately demonstrates the Pepe signature with which the varietal is whole and clear, sincere and total. Of great charm between herbaceous tones and prolonged, versatile and very long crunchiness.

Terre Lontane IGT Calabria – Librandi

We cannot talk about wine Calabria without referring to the Librandi family and its Cirò Marina cellar. An important company (and a name) that has managed to give Calabrian wine the place it deserves. The production is decidedly varied, with a very interesting focus on the autochthonous vines, often unknown. But no longer, as in the case of Terre Lontane, an energetic rosé produced 70% with Gaglioppo grapes (the remaining Cabernet Franc). It expresses the elegance of Calabrian viticulture and the potential of the Val di Neto from which it comes, is one of the flagships of the winery. A pleasant and balanced wine in which complexity and depth are combined with lightness and freshness; the nose aromas are mainly fruity with a sumptuous background of brackish and marine notes. A ready-to-drink rosé, with excellent acidity which makes the sip pleasant and very smooth in the mouth. It is fresh, balanced, dry, ideal during the summer in combination with cold dishes, perfect for summer recipes, especially based on fish and for lovers of prolonged aperitifs.

Blauburgunder Mazon Alto Adige DOC – Kollerhof

South Tyrol, Italian homeland of Pinot Noir. We are in the south of the region exactly in Mazon, one of the most suitable areas for the production of this wine. Here the Visintin family produces between strong temperature variations and biological regimes, giving birth to great wines. An example is the Blauburgunder, juicy and concentrated, a Pinot Noir with a strong personality. The nose shows small, well-delineated berries and cherries in alcohol and almond nougat sprout in evolution. The mouth is savory, the acidity marked, the persistence good and the soft tannin perfectly integrated. A wine that always invites you to the next sip for which, perhaps, a bottle would not be enough, it is also to be tried to some degree less than the normal 18 °.

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC – Antonella Corda

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South of the welcoming Sardinia, in the territory of Serdiana, the young agronomist Antonella Corda produces her Cannonau with great skill and momentum. It is a wine that marks the new Cannonau road: put aside the idea that you have of this wine as heavy, very alcoholic and at times indigestible, here is a whole other music that will brighten your evenings, even the summer ones. The choice to make delicate macerations and short passages in unroasted barrels enhance and reward the typical aromas of these grapes. The graceful nose reminds first of cherry and rose and then dried fruit, peanuts and pistachios, an embrace of Mediterranean scrub; of agile and slender drink, the alcoholic part is very present and in evolution is also expressed with brackish and marine notes. The drink is as smooth as it is harmonious, with a soft tannin and a persistence that invokes the encore.

Chianti Meme Superiore – Fattoria di Petrognano

Simplicity and agility are the keywords for this fresh Chianti, with good acidity and very drinkable. The Meme Superiore is produced in Montelupo Fiorentino (from organic cultivation) with a majority of Sangiovese (95%) and the remaining part of Canaiolo, the historical grape variety of the traditional formulation of Chianti, which gives it an extra touch of softness and a slightly bitter note perceptible on the finish. The nose is linear on ripe red fruit, especially blueberries, in the mouth it is vibrant and flowing with the measured tannin. The drink is double thanks to a good persistence that brings back to the senses the light spiciness typical of Chianti. The tasted bottle (2018) holds a versatile wine whose overall pleasantness and lightness should be rewarded, also perfect, as in this case, with a porcini mushroom pizza.

Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2012 – Biondi Santi

Harmony, elegance and accessible complexity characterize a prodigious wine that has a hundred years ahead of it. There is no right moment for a wine of this tenor, every moment, if desired, is the perfect one. All wine lovers know Tenuta Greppo, home of Franco Biondi Santi, father of Brunello di Montalcino; here an important chapter of the Italian wine history has been written which today continues to live (also) thanks to this label. In the history of the family, from 1888 until today, the Riserva has been produced only 39 times, including 24 signed by Mr. Franco. An unmistakable touch of refined structure, harmony, youth predestined from the beginning as in the case of 2012 just on the market: evolution over the years and very long life in the bottle but already it presents an exciting and tenuous drink, delicate and full, the thick tannins and polished they are in perfect balance with the acidity.

Collepiano Sagrantino di Montefalco – Arnaldo Caprai

How much history among the Umbrian vineyards where Sagrantino has been cultivated for centuries. Marco Caprai enhances its identity and respects its history. The wines produced are different (even whites including Grecante -100% Grechetto- with broad shoulders) but Collepiano is like a love that is not forgotten, it comforts every time you meet it. 100% Sagrantino is intense with nuances of ripe fruit and blackberry jam, a bank of spices and aromatic herbs such as rosemary and sage, melted in the soft black cherry that fills the mouth. In drinking the tannin is lively (vintage 2015 tasted), the sip is soft, silky and persistent, with a long finish that brings back to the pulp of cherry, sour cherry, black cherry, an excursus in the family of red fruits. Great longevity is expected for Collepiano but if you do not want to wait, treat yourself immediately, if anything with a dinner worthy of note based on quality game.

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