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Will My Piercing Affect My Career?

Over the years, piercings have experienced a unique type of discrimination in American society. Those with non-mainstream piercings deserve hard labels like Trashy or Low Class. Such a simple style choice leads to negative feelings for those who don’t understand the culture surrounding piercings.

But that’s changing.

The millennial generation is more likely to accept diversity and personal choices. The Pew Research Center says: “[Millennials] Include multiple types of self-expression… Almost four in ten have a tattoo… Almost one in four has a piercing anywhere other than an earlobe – about six times the proportion of older adults who have. “

So it is clear that piercings are officially entering the mainstream. However, as every new generation takes the stage, there has to be some generation gap. While millennials prefer alternative styles, older generations still have concerns about piercings in the workplace.

While we love facial piercings and celebrate their mainstream acceptance, the reality is that facial piercings can affect your career. Here’s what to think about before getting a face piercing.

Will piercings affect my ability to get a job?

Perhaps the unsatisfactory answer to that is.

Whether or not your piercings affect your employability depends on the number of piercings you have, the industry you work in, and the overall office environment.

If you’re applying for a behind-the-scenes position at a more progressive startup, your piercings may not have an impact on whether or not you get hired. Conversely, if you’re looking for a forward-looking sales position with a more conservative company, your piercings are likely to get a negative rating.

Which industries accept facial piercings?

It may not come as a surprise that industries in the creative fields like art, music, and writing are more likely to prefer piercings than other areas. Creative is all about individual expression, including body modifications. Often times you will find that piercings in these areas are not only accepted, but also embraced and encouraged.

It is important to note, however, that your facial piercings can be a reluctance for more conservative clients if they want to step into a creative field that requires meetings with clients, clients, or other business owners.

Startups, nonprofits, and other smaller businesses are also more likely to accept piercings. Your employee rules are likely to be a little more lenient than large corporations, and often they are run by younger owners who might have a more liberal view of piercings.

smiling woman with piercings on her face

Which industries disapprove of facial piercings?

The acceptance of your facial piercings will depend on the company you work for. Many larger companies have specific guidelines prohibiting face piercings. However, if you work for a smaller, younger company, these might be a little milder.

Woman covering face with fan

Piercing Tip: You can hide a nose piercing at work by wearing a piercing holder or skin-colored body ornament.

Customer service roles tend to be the ones with the greatest anti-piercing rules. As a customer service representative, you represent the company. If facial piercings are not branded, the company won’t allow them.

When traveling internationally for work, you should take into account that other countries have different views when it comes to workplace piercings. It’s a good idea to research the culture of the countries you travel to frequently on business to see if a piercing is right for you, even if your employer allows it.

Ultimately, whether or not you can wear your facial piercings to work depends on your boss and the company. The fact is, regardless of your industry, your piercings can affect your employability.

Which piercings are generally accepted?

Piercing discrimination is pretty much arbitrary. Why are lobe piercings considered acceptable while a Monroe piercing is unprofessional? Most of the time, unwritten social rules come down to it, but the fact remains that not all piercings are treated equally.

Cartilage piercings are accepted almost everywhere by even more conservative companies. As more and more people choose to have multiple full ear piercings, it is difficult for employers to say no. If you have a cartilage piercings or two, it is less likely to be frowned upon than other piercings.

Three diamond nose ring rivets from FreshTrends
Dainty diamond nose studs are small enough to be subtle and beautiful enough for classy work wear.

Small nose studs have also become more acceptable in recent years. As one of the most popular alternative piercing styles, it is no longer uncommon to see someone with a nostril piercing. In addition, it can be decorated with small gemstone studs, which makes it less noticeable than other types of piercing.

While a septum piercing is unlikely to be acceptable in the workplace, it is incredibly easy to hide even while it is healing. A circular barbell can be twisted into your nose and no one will know the piercing is there. Be careful when taking this route. Playing around with the jewelry too much while it heals can lead to complications.

You can also choose piercings outside the face that can be easily hidden. Belly button piercings, nipple piercings, and skin piercings on your body (rather than your face) will stay under your work clothes during the day so your boss doesn’t even need to know they are there.

Unfortunately, lip piercings, tongue piercings, eyebrow piercings, and skin piercings on the face can all cause employability issues depending on the subject.

How to hide piercings at work

Once your piercing is fully healed, it won’t be too difficult to hide. You have to be prepared to hide it every day. Here are some options to keep your piercing going incognito:

Piercing holder are clear or skin-colored body jewelry that discreetly keep the piercing open. With some piercings, such as lip and eyebrow piercings, the holder is still pretty obvious so not all employers will accept this option.

Wear small jewelry. If your jewelry isn’t too flashy, your employer may be more likely to let you wear it. With that in mind, you should always make sure that your jewelry is professional and reflects the company’s dress code.

Leave the jewelry off. This is a final solution for more conservative businesses. Some don’t allow piercings at all. In this case, you need to take out your jewelry. Remember that even if your piercing has been healed for years, it can close in a matter of hours. If you choose this route, it can mean the end of your piercing.

Should I get a face piercing?

When you embark on your career journey, you are going to face a lot of problems whether you are pierced or not. You worked so hard to make yourself employable. Is it worth making a fashion choice that could jeopardize your dream job?

The short answer is, probably not. But that does not mean that your penetrating dreams have been destroyed.

If you are a few years away from your dream career, you will have plenty of time to get a piercing that can be hidden. If you choose one on your face e.g. E.g. around the lips or eyebrows, make sure you get a smaller thickness so that the holes are not noticeable when you are not wearing jewelry.

If you are currently looking for your dream job, hold back with the piercing for now. Once you are in your new position, you can check your company’s guidelines to see which piercings are accepted and then you can be pierced with no guilt!

If you are already employed in a place where piercings are not allowed, then you need to decide which is more important: your career or your personal expression. Sometimes it is healthier to work for a company that reflects your personal views than sticking around for the benefits, but you need to think long and hard about whether your fashion choices are worth your livelihood.

To match the pierced aesthetic without worrying about how it will affect your career, you can also wear artificial body jewelry on places like the cartilage, nose, or lips. High quality faux pieces can fool even the biggest piercing aficionados, and you will never talk about it to your boss.

We love piercings, but there is still a long way to go before they are widely accepted in the workplace. Regardless of what career you pursue, your piercings can affect your employability. Before getting a face piercing, double-check the risks and make sure your new bling doesn’t ruin your path to success.

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