Will Mulan be streaming immediately on Disney +?

Among the most anticipated films of 2020, Mulan it certainly holds a place of particular prestige. The live action of the cartoon dated 1998 and produced by Disney is in fact one of the releases on which the house of Mickey Mouse had focused for this 2020 and which is today having to face the covid-19 emergency. An extreme situation that Disney has decided to face by turning his film into a real case.

Mulan, the modern heroine returns to the cinema with Disney

It was in fact announced that Mulan it will not have a premiére in theaters but, when it is released on September 4th, it will go directly to streaming on the Disney + platform. Of course, the film will still be distributed to cinemas (in countries where cinemas are open, therefore probably in Europe and China, a market on which Disney is betting a lot for its blockbuster), but at the same time it will be made available on the platform in preview. A more unique than rare case considering that the film will not be part of the subscription package but will require a separate “ticket” at a price of 30 dollars.

It is obviously not the first case of DTV (direct-to-video: from filming to home video without going through theaters) in history but it is also the first time that a real blockbuster has an uneven worldwide distribution.

The decision seems to have been made to try to counter the piracy that would have affected the film once it was released in theaters in some countries and remained blocked in others. However, according to CEO Bob Chepak, Mulan will by no means be the future standard of theatrical distribution. It is certainly a test that will say a lot about what post-coronavirus cinema will be.


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