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What Will Android P Have to Offer?

What Will Android P Have to Offer?

Android P: It is always exciting when a new Android operating system comes along. Version 9.0 of the Android OS has been previewed for developer use, but it is not supported by any Android devices just yet. But when this new version comes along, it will include a few special changes. Much of this involves working with new forms of technology while enhancing the overall process of making it so content on a device is handled right.

Android P
Android P

This new version of Android is called Android P although that name is surely going to change. There are several big things to see when looking at what makes the Android POS intriguing. Many of these points focus on some of the special things that will make the Android POS ideal for not only a better overall experience but also for making it easier for the content being handled to work according to the needs one holds.

Note: These features are subject to change. These were introduced in early March 2018 to give people an idea of what to expect out of the new OS. There is always a chance for certain things to be changed due to new developments or concepts being brought out within this OS.

Media Output Controls

The media output controls that are available through Android P are worth exploring. With this, you can press the volume control to open the output control menu. This lets you identify what your device is connected to. You can use this to trigger Bluetooth functions with ease, thus making it easier for the content to move forward.

Enter Lockdown

You can adjust the main power menu on your device to switch to a new mode called Lockdown. This lets you disable any voice unlock or fingerprint sensor features on your phone. It would revert to working with a PIN or other bit of data. This adds to the security that you can get off of your phone.

Add a Screenshot Button

The power options include a new screenshot button. With this, you just press the icon to take a picture of whatever is on your phone at the time. This is a simple feature that makes it easier for you to record things.

Added Screenshot Tools

You can take the screenshots that you capture and use this to your advantage when you use Android P. The system offers a layout where you can edit and modify any shots you take right after you capture them. This feature makes it easier for you to get the information that you want off of a shot the right way. This is also vital if you need to take notes for any reason.

Ambient Display Shows Battery Status

The battery information will be displayed on the ambient display screen. This is already available on many Android phones from LG, Samsung and Motorola among other companies, but Android P will make this feature a fully universal point. You can use this quite well for getting information on how the battery on your phone or tablet is working, a point that is critical considering how much power can be used by your phone at any given moment in time.

Multi-Camera Support

An attractive part of Android P comes from its ability to handle multiple cameras at a time. With this, you can use Android P to stream from two or more cameras at once. This would require proper links to individual cameras, but it will do well for when you need to contact people for a conference or other event.

Added Security on Background Apps

One problem with older Android versions is that the background apps on a program will often access various sensors. These include camera and microphone sensors. This can cause a sizeable disruption in what people can get out of a program. But with Android P, the issue surrounding the security on background apps will be kept under control. Those apps will not access these camera and microphone features. This is valuable for ensuring that only you will have full access to these two parts of your mobile device.

Smart Card Payment Support

A new mobile API will be made for NFC payments. This open mobile setup will allow developers to modify their programs and apps to take smart card payments. This comes as such cards have become more valuable in recent time with many people looking to see what makes them so valuable and ideal for many uses.

New Volume Slider

The volume slider being handled is something worth exploring. The slider will work with a design where the volume can be more precisely controlled to your liking. This is useful for offering more intervals, but you should look at how well you are using the volume control so it does not become overly loud in any case.

Indoor Positioning Is Vital

The last new feature to see entails the support that the operating system offers for indoor positioning. This is a process where you can use Wi-Fi support to identify the distance between various access points for an online network. This entails the triangulation of a user’s position in a particular indoor space. The functionality here works to keep a careful look at where one is, thus making it easier for certain content to work well and to come out accordingly.

When Will It Come Out?

The Android POS is expected to come out at some point in 2018. This will make for an intriguing operating system worth. Looking into thanks for how the OS offers many simple features you are bound to love.

Be sure to check the market regularly to see what you can find when looking for a phone that works with the Android POS system or to see if your existing phone can work with the OS. There is a good potential for the OS to be revealed at some point in the future with the intention of producing something enticing and valuable that you can utilize on your phone.

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