Will an asteroid hit Earth in 2022?


“2009 JF1” is in the category of “Near Earth Objects”.

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  • According to the Palermo scale, the probability that the asteroid hits Earth is one in 3,800, which is equal to 0.026%.

NASA Appears on your page Center next to Earth objects (CNEOS For that in English) on it 6 May 2022 Date for Possible Asteroid Impact “2009 JF1” Together Earth.

The asteroid 2009 JF1 with a diameter of 13 meters has a chance of affecting the Earth at 4,166, according to European Space Agency ( Esa In English for this).

On the other hand, according to NASA, it is likely that the asteroid is one of 3,800 hits on Earth, which is equivalent to 0.026% according to the Palermo scale.

Capture via cneos.jpl.nasa.gov.

According to a publication published by the ESA for the coordination of the Center for Near-Earth Objects, Luca Conversi explains, “This small asteroid has not been seen since its discovery 11 years ago, so the uncertainty in its position is very high.” .

The 2009 JF1 is in the category of “Near Earth Objects” (NEO for its short description in English). The term refers to any natural object, such as an asteroid, whose orbit brings it closer to Earth.

Capture via cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/sentry/

The asteroid was first spotted in 2009, and has been tracked by NASA with the help of an orange collision system. Similarly, it analyzes the possibilities of various planets for impact with Earth over the next 100 years.

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