Why Women Kill on M6: what is season 2 worth with Lana Parrilla (Once Upon A Time)? – News …

M6 launches this Thursday evening the broadcast of season 2 of Marc Cherry’s anthological series “Why Women Kill”. Is this new salvo of episodes with Allison Tolman, Lana Parrilla and Nick Frost worth the detour?

What is it about ?

In the 1940s, Alma Fillcot was an “ordinary” housewife who wanted to be less shy and make more friends. When space becomes available at the garden club frequented by wealthy and chic women, Alma sees it as the perfect opportunity to socialize.

The club counts among its members Rita Castillo, wife of the very rich Carlo Castillo whom she married for his money … and in the hope that he dies early. But Carlo doesn’t seem close to passing the gun to the left and Rita consoles herself in the arms of her young lover, Scooter Polarsky, an aspiring actor, who also uses Rita for his money.

In reality, Scooter is in love with Dee, Alma’s daughter, with whom he has a secret relationship. By a combination of circumstances, Alma discovered in the attic of her house a strange box containing objects that had belonged to strangers. She will quickly understand that these are the trophies of her husband, Bertram Fillcot …

Season 2 of Why Women Kill is broadcast from this Thursday, January 6 on M6 and is already available in full on Salto. Episodes seen: 3/10.

Who is it with?

Anthological series requires, only Marc Cherry, creator and screenwriter of Why Women Kill, will make his comeback in season 2. To camp Alma, the main character of this new series of episodes, he called on Allison Tolman, an actress discovery in season 1 of Fargo who recently cut his teeth in Good Girls and Emergence. Her worst enemy is camped by Lana Parrilla, better known as Regina Mills, the Wicked Witch from Once Upon a Time.

Matthew Daddario, brother of Alexandra Daddario who played Jade in season 1, lends his features to Rita Castillo’s lover, while Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) slips into Bertram’s skin. Fillcot, Alma’s husband who will help his wife in her quest for recognition. Finally BK Cannon (Switched), Jordane Christie and Veronica Falcon (Ozark) complete this five-star cast.

Well worth a look ?

From the announcement of season 2, we knew, the series would take the form of an anthology. Like American Horror Story or True Detective, each season focuses on a new story and, therefore, new characters. And for this new chapter, Marc Cherry has not done in half measures, since the story of the series itself operates a 180 ° turn.

Unlike the first season, which told us about the fate of three women in three different eras, the ten episodes of this season 2 take place exclusively in 1949 and focus on two women who are opposites. And that’s the rub.

The strength of Why Women Kill lay in this original storytelling that made us want to learn more about these colorful characters. Without this singularity, it then becomes a pale copy of Desperate Housewives, cult series also signed Marc Cherry.

Of course, what could be a fault for some, can turn out to be a quality for others, who will be delighted to find a semblance of what made them zap on Canal + and M6 at the time.

why women kill on m6: what is season 2 worth with lana parrilla (once upon a time)? - news ...

Matthew Daddario and Veronica Falcon

If the first season of Why Women Kill was very progressive in tackling numerous societal subjects which marked the different eras (AIDS, polyamory…), this season 2 is much wiser and more classic. She tells us the story of a shy and idealistic outsider, very far from the canons of beauty, who will try to find a place in a group of women spending their days gossiping about each other.

To embody these two women, Marc Cherry called on Allison Tolman and Lana Parilla, perfect in the skin of these rivals. The former brings empathy and vulnerability to Alma’s character, while the latter easily adopts the attributes of a diamond-crunching femme fatale.

Special mention to BK Cannon, a young actress still little known, remarkable in the role of a young woman complexed, desperate to keep the one she thinks to be the man of her life.

In short, this season 2 of Why Women Kill will delight fans of Desperate Housewives who will find the bite and spice of the series broadcast between 2004 and 2012 on Canal + (and unencrypted on M6). If it sometimes struggles to captivate us, this new burst of episodes remains very pleasant to watch.