Why Vinyl Click Flooring is the Right Choice for Your Busy Areas

Why Vinyl Click Flooring is the Right Choice

A home often experiences many different pairs of feet moving through it. Some of the rooms within a home might be busier than others. For example, the kitchen and your hallway are always going to have people moving around them. Your bathrooms might always end up with water all over the floor. If you are looking for the perfect floor for these troublesome areas then vinyl click flooring might just be what you need.

Vinyl Click Flooring

What is Vinyl Click Flooring?

You may often see vinyl click flooring be referred to as LVT or vinyl tiles when you shop online. It is a relatively new form of flooring. But it has taken the world by storm for its beauty and ease of installation. You can find this type of flooring at many of the major flooring retailers around the country. Here are some of our favourite things about this type of flooring. And why we think it should become part of your home.

It is Waterproof

One of the biggest advantages we see to vinyl click flooring is the fact that it is waterproof. This means that you could install this floor in the kitchen, bathroom flooring, a utility room. Also, any other room where there is likely to be a lot of water.

Some people might still prefer to choose other types of floors. But we do think vinyl click flooring outperforms them all. Carpet has not been a preferred flooring type for wet environments for a number of years as mould and bacteria can fester here. A wood or laminate floor might be a good option. But it has to be specially treated to avoid any warping or other types of water damage. If you are on the hunt for a floor that you know is going to be waterproof, then you cannot go wrong with vinyl flooring.

It is Durable

Another reason why you should seriously consider vinyl click flooring is for its durability. It might not look like much but it is actually incredibly robust. After all, it is designed for kitchens. Where there is always the chance that something might spill or a stain might form. Your vinyl flooring will be able to handle this sort of treatment.


What’s more, it is much more temperamental in terms of maintenance than other types you might choose. You cannot pick anything overly corrosive to clean with. As this might discolour the vinyl but you have many more options than you would with other types of flooring. In addition to this, all that is really needed to keep your vinyl floor looking good. Brush to remove any surface dirt and grime plus a closer mop every now and then to remove the dirt.

If you are a fan of low-maintenance cleaning, you should definitely think about installing vinyl flooring in areas of your home which are likely to get dirtier than others. For example, if you live in the country, you may want to put down vinyl flooring where everyone takes off their muddy boots. This confines the mess to one space and stops it from spreading too much.

It Comes in a Variety of Styles

You might think that vinyl flooring is only going to be available in a few styles but you might be shocked to learn about the varieties out there which you could choose from. You could very easily have a very different pattern of for your vinyl flooring in each room of your house and no-one would ever know.

We think some of the best out there are the wood patterned floors. These help to make a home feel luxurious and allow you to indulge in the effect a wooden floor can give without actually having to commit to the levels of maintenance a wood floor needs.

You can also find vinyl floors patterned to look like stone or tile. This might be a brilliant option for a bathroom if you like this effect but can’t afford underfloor heating to then make it a little warmer. Vinyl flooring retains more heat than other types of the floor so you will still be able to have the stunning effect of a stone floor without having the coolness underfoot.

You Can Lay It Yourself

One of the biggest advantages to vinyl flooring is the fact that you can lay it for yourselves. While something like carpet or wood flooring might require specialist fitter, many people can lay vinyl flooring with very little prior experience. So long as the surface you are trying to lay down is flat, there is no reason why you cannot attempt it for yourself.

This makes vinyl flooring the perfect choice for anyone who is attempting a renovation on their own. So many people choose to buy fixer-uppers nowadays but they don’t think about some of the work which comes with it. If you are not used to taking on this sort of project and you have a tight budget, opting for an affordable flooring like click vinyl flooring allows you to keep the project on track and under budget.

Take a look at some of the online res available to you are considering installing this type of flooring. From YouTube tutorials to home improvement blogs, there are plenty of res out there to help you get it right first time.

Try Vinyl

If you have a heavy traffic area that you know is going to be a pain to keep clear, you should definitely look into vinyl floors. They are capable of taking nearly anything you might throw at them while still looking as good as the day you laid them. What’s more, their affordability and ease of installation make them incredibly attractive to those on a budget or on the hunt for something which is easy for a DIYer.

Take a look at your floors now and think about how the rooms might be transformed with vinyl flooring. It might be just the change you need to bring your rooms back to life.

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