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9 January 2021

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When Discovery challenged Grant Cardone to dig up his money, contacts and res and try to build a $ 1 million company in 90 days, he refused. He said he would build a $ 10 million company instead.

Motivational speaker, real estate investor, writer and entrepreneur contributor is one of the three contestants of the new season Undercover billionaire, The first racing to grab all seven figures. Her adversaries are Ellen Cuellotti, a real estate developer, interior designer, builder and founder of House of Rock, and Monique Idlett-Mosley, founder and CEO of the technology fund Rigna Ventures. We caught up with Cardone to see how he got closer to this challenge, and whether his strategy differed from his usual plan of attack.

Do you have a plan, what did you become when you first stepped out?

Yes, I had a grand vision … Instead of building a $ 1 million business in 90 days, I was going to build a $ 10 million business in 90 days! 10X goals solve all problems. When the goal is large enough, you will find out the strategy.

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Is that how you view all projects?

It is my belief and experience that most people fall short on their goals and then quit because the payout is not big enough. 10X is a business strategy, and is a proven way to solve scaling problems. Most businesses fail because they are too small, they think too small, their reach is too small and their income is too small. Creating a 10X business is pure mathematics. Follow the math. follow the money. do your work. I am No Following my passion or doing what I love or even doing what I love – I am following the goal.

What do you think was important for you to achieve this level of success?

Courage, creativity, commitment, conviction, consistency and confidence. I know how to break and break because I know it doesn’t cost money to make money. That idea is a myth. When Discovery gave me $ 100, I first deposited it in the bank so that I could not touch it. I do not need money to build a business. I need people, not dead presidents. Money is made when you make contact with the right people who want to make money.

What do you always recommend to those who are just starting out?

What do you see when people are pitching you for investment?

I am seeing the person before the idea, concept or proposal. how do they work? How do they spend their money? Do they own a house, a car, a Gucci belt? How do they communicate? What does the deal look like? Do they think big or small? I am measuring the operator more than the investment.

If you were a true beginner, do you think you would follow the same path?

I do not go to college until there is a billion dollar payment. I only look at industries that have large scale payments, and I will ignore my passion and what I am doing is instinctive and instead find out how to get mass volumes and margins.

Entrepreneurs always talk of embracing failure and learning from it. Do you agree And does having a camera on your face make it a bit harder to do?

I try not to learn from my mistakes, I try to learn from the mistakes that other people make. This does not mean that I do not make mistakes. I make many, but this is not the way I learn. But when I am starting a business or buying real estate, I cannot make mistakes. I will have to work it out. When I was doing this show, having more cameras on me put more pressure on me to perform. No one wants to fail, but no one wants to fail when millions of people are watching.

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