Why the Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Became a National Obsession: Anatomy of a Shocking Crime

“There was not a single case of physical or sexual abuse,” said Smit Kris Kristofferson in the Perfect murder, perfect city, he said Denver Post before he died in August 2010. “You just don’t turn into something overnight. Usually you guess something. John called his kids when he was out. His ex-wife said he was a good father.” (Ramsey had two grown children from his previous marriage Lucinda Pasch. Your eldest daughter, Elisabeth, died in a car accident in 1992.)

Smit stated that detectives had not performed certain tests that would either have further affected or relieved the Ramseys, and cited a number of procedural issues that occurred in the earliest days of the investigation.

“You only have one shot to get it right,” he said. “The house should have been completely closed. The crime scene was screwed up.” Smith suspected that the killer came to Ramsey’s house on Christmas Eve and, after JonBenét’s death, was likely intending to remove her body from the house in a suitcase found near a broken basement window. Unlike others, Smit thought there were Signs of forced entry through this window. (John Ramsey had said he broke the window some time ago.)

Smit told that post Office that the murderer’s name was probably somewhere on the file, thanks to one of the thousands of tips the police had received, and that the perpetrator was probably in prison for another crime at that time.

“But if you limit yourself to one thought of who did it, you won’t solve it,” he said, dismissing the theory that the murder was staged since the point was specifically to make it look like something that it was not (like the work of a sexual sadist instead of the result of domestic violence).

“There is no villain here, the police have not deliberately botched [the investigation]”It just happened that way,” Grace said to E! News. “And I don’t think this case will ever be resolved – but I can tell you that,” she added, referring to the re-examination of the case under time and what it implied, “Burke Ramsey did not kill his sister . “

And yet A. James Kolar, lead investigator in the Boulder prosecutor’s case between 2005 and 2006, defies the theory that an intruder was responsible.

Kolar wrote in his self-publication regarding the new DNA samples in JonBenét’s underwear that had led to the eviction of the Ramseys Foreign group: Who really kidnapped JonBenét?: “I don’t think we should let the investigation proceed from a single artifact that may or may not be involved in the actual crime of kidnapping or murder.”

JonBenét: In the Ramsey Murder Investigation author Steve Thomas, an investigator of the case until August 1998, insisted in his book that “the little girl was killed by a family member who I believe was her panicked mother Patsy Ramsey, and that her father John Ramsey advocated his wife decided the protection in the following investigation. “He suspected that Patsy was losing control because the 6-year-old wet her bed and when she tidied her up, she banged her against a hard surface in the bathroom.


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