Why The Medusa Piercing is Trending

Medusa Piercing: Why The Medusa Piercing is Trending

Whether you are new to the piercing world or have been a part of the community for some time, you have probably heard of one of the newest piercings that have appeared in the scene. Medusa piercing has quickly become one of the most sought after piercing styles, especially for those looking for a stylish and unique way to express themselves.

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What is a medusa piercing?

A medusa piercing, also called a philtrum piercing, is located directly between your upper lip and the base of your nose. A medusa piercing that focuses on the natural groove can in itself be a subtle statement of style or can be complemented by other piercings on the face to achieve a bold look.

In contrast to a Monroe piercing, which is positioned either left or right over your upper lip, the Medusa piercing is in the middle. Variations of medusa piercings include double medusa (two piercings in the area) and jestrum piercing (a vertical piercing in a similar style).

Why are medusa piercings so popular?

Whenever a particular piercing style is trendy, you may be wondering exactly what makes it so popular. Their widespread popularity among medus piercings is probably due to how versatile they can be.

Regardless of whether you are heavily pierced or just considering your first piece of body jewelry, a Medusa piercing can emphasize your natural features and add a subtle touch. If you prefer to make a more dramatic statement, swapping a simple bolt for something more eye-catching can completely change the look.

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What types of Medusa piercing jewelry can I choose from?

The most popular type of Medusa jewelry is a labret stud, which consists of a barbell, a disc-style flat back, and a pearl (or some kind of charm) on the front.

Medusa piercing is usually good for 14 or 16 gauge labret, although your piercer is likely to recommend a specific option that suits your face shape and appearance.

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Do Medusa Piercings Hurt?

Since a Medusa piercing is only a single puncture, the process is very quick. As with most piercings, there is mild pain – usually called a quick pinch – but most people find it tolerable.

Due to its location, this piercing sometimes swells considerably in the first few days after the piercing. Your piercer will suggest jewelry long enough to account for this initial swelling.

How do I care for a Medusa piercing?

Depending on a variety of factors, including your immune system and your aftercare attention, it will take 6 to 12 months or more for a medus piercing to heal completely. However, a person can usually switch their jewelry to a shorter option after 6 to 8 weeks of healing. It is important to check whether the piercing and the surrounding area are partially or still swollen.

Some people suffer from regular swelling throughout the day, and it is important that you leave your jewelry long enough to support this until all of the swelling is gone. Support the healing process by regularly cleaning the piercing with the aftercare products that you take home with you. Avoid touching the piercing area or jewelry without washing your hands beforehand, and keep away from smoking or vaping and alcohol.

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“You can also get two Medusa piercings right next to each other!”

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Versatile piercing

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