Why Tarik Is Tonedeaf For Wearing Thailand T-Shirt With Hazel

90 Day Fiance’s Tarik and Hazel have been facing some relationship problems. Here’s why fans think his Thailand T-shirt was a big mistake.

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan have been facing some serious relationship problems during season eight of 90 Day Fiance. Hazel left her son in the Philippines to marry Tarik, in the hopes of bringing him over so they can blend their family and start raising their children together. The pair also seem to have a new priority, which is to find a new girlfriend to bring into their relationship. There have been several disputes about what they are looking for in a girlfriend and Tarik seems to be making a bold statement about that with his tone-deaf T-shirt.

This is not the first time Tarik and Hazel have brought a third person into their relationship. In prior episodes of 90 Day Fiance, fans were told that Hazel felt like she was unable to pursue a relationship with a woman back in the Philippines, but that changed when she was with Tarik. He had been previously flirting with Minty, and when he showed her picture to Hazel, she was intrigued. Minty eventually traveled from Thailand to meet the pair, and they became a “throuple.”

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That relationship did not last long though, with Hazel soon feeling jealous of Minty and Tarik’s closeness. Hazel and Tarik agreed to break up with Minty and not talk to her anymore, but Tarik reached out to Minty during the coronavirus pandemic to see how she was holding up. This caused a major rift in their relationship, especially when Tarik suggested to Hazel that they reach out to Minty to get advice on finding a new girlfriend.

In these last few episodes, many fans have wanted to yell at their screens at Tarik for his recent poor decisions. It all came to a head when Hazel and Tarik met with one of his good friends, who tried to set him straight. She said that he should stop talking to other women if it makes Hazel feel uncomfortable since they are about to get married. Tarik seems to be pretty oblivious though, all the way down to his poor choice in outfits. As he is getting lectured by one of his best friends, he is wearing a T-shirt that has a map of Thailand featured prominently in the center.

Many fans have deemed his T-shirt choice tone-deaf and insensitive to his relationship with Hazel. She has already expressed that she feels that Tarik is more attracted to Thai girls than to her, and this seems almost like a confirmation of that. The fact that he keeps bringing Minty into the picture, paired with the fact that he is still talking to other Thai women is bound to make Hazel even more insecure in their relationship. With their wedding just around the corner, fans will just have to wait and see whether they find a new girlfriend and can make it down the aisle.

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