Why Superman & Lois Episode 6 Was Delayed (& When It Returns)

Despite only premiering in February, Superman & Lois episode 6 has been delayed to mid-May due to the ongoing pandemic. Here’s when it returns.

Superman & Lois episode 6 has been delayed to May and is being replaced by Supergirl in its Tuesday timeslot. The newest show to debut in the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois follows an adult Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they juggle their jobs and being parents to two teenage sons. Immediately, the storyline is something different for longtime fans of the franchise as well as Superman and Lois’ characters onscreen, since this type of story arc hasn’t been done before.

Because of the characters, their stories, and the high quality production and action, Superman & Lois quickly became a massive hit for The CW, which is why the network renewed Superman & Lois for season 2 right after its season 1 premiere. Unfortunately, though, getting through the first season will take some time, primarily due to the ongoing pandemic that impacted not only Superman & Lois‘ production but the productions of all Arrowverse shows – hence why the franchise’s return was pushed to early 2021.

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Although things have been progressing smoothly, Superman & Lois episode 6 was delayed to May 18 – almost two months after episode 5 aired in mid-March – due to a previous positive COVID-19 test on set. A domino effect resulted in the schedule being shifted and Supergirl season 6 premiering in Superman & Lois‘ slot on Tuesday, March 30. It’s not ideal to have a two-month hiatus after only a few episodes, especially for a brand-new series, but the positive reactions to the series suggests viewers will tune back in when it returns in May.

Even though the delay is disappointing, it is amazing Superman & Lois was able to prep enough episodes to premiere in February at all, given how the pandemic forced shutdowns on productions across the industry for months. Some films and TV shows began filming in early 2020 and only recently completed – if they’ve wrapped at all. In Superman & Lois‘ case, it’s the latter; the series is still filming and isn’t expected to wrap on the season until June 2021. It’s unclear if there will be additional delays after Superman & Lois returns in May, but since there are 15 episodes planned so far, season 1 may not conclude until mid-fall.

The good thing is, Superman & Lois stopped at a high point, giving viewers plenty to talk about over the next two months. Superman & Lois episode 6 will need to address Jordan Kent’s attack by Tag and what Morgan Edge has planned for Smallville. Plus, with David Ramsey directing an episode in addition to reprising his Arrow role as John Diggle, there’s a lot to look forward to with Superman & Lois season 1; it’ll just take a bit longer to get through than initially expected.

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