Why Lex Luthor Lets Tao Okamoto’s Mercy Graves Die

Tao Okamoto plays Mercy Graves in Batman V Superman, Lex Luthor’s assistant, but here’s why the villain leaves her to die during a key scene.

Here’s why Lex Luthor left Tao Okamoto’s Mercy Graves to die in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. There had been numerous big-screen bouts between Batman and Superman touted in the years before Dawn Of Justice, including a 2003 Batman Vs Superman script that had Colin Farrell and Jude Law circling the respective title roles. Zack Snyder’s 2016 blockbuster Batman V Superman finally brought the two iconic heroes together on the big screen, though it was met with mixed reactions.

Batman V Superman committed to a decidedly darker tone than rival superhero projects of that era, which included Ben Affleck’s Batman being willing to kill if necessary. This, combined with other critiques like Jesse Eisenberg’s somewhat obnoxious turn as villain Lex Luthor or the famous “Martha” scene saw the movie split critics and audiences. Whatever the movie’s faults, it can’t be denied the director had a unique version for the project and one that connected with a lot of DCEU fans.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn On Justice assembled an impressive cast around Affleck and Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, which included Tao Okamoto as Luthor’s assistant Mercy Graves. Okamoto had previously appeared in the 2013 comic book movie The Wolverine and played Chiyoh in Hannibal season 3. Mercy is regularly seen at Lex’s side throughout the story, which includes his scheme to gain access to the Kryptonian ship and General Zod’s body. She acts as his right hand throughout, which makes it all the more shocking when he leaves her to die during his bombing of congress.

batman v superman mercy death

It felt like Tao Okamoto’s Mercy had the potential to play a bigger role in future DCEU movies, making the character’s sudden demise in Batman V Superman all the more surprising. While Lex never comments on why he left his loyal assistant to die, it’s almost certainly to tie up loose ends connecting him to Keefe (Scoot McNairy). Keefe was a cripped ex-employee of Wayne Enterprises who Lex manipulated to his own ends, and managed to convince him to testify against Superman during the congressional hearing. Lex also gave Keefe a new wheelchair for the occasion, which turned out to have the bomb hidden in it that killed Mercy and everyone else aside from Superman when it exploded.

Not only does Mercy’s death help Lex cover his tracks it also makes him look innocent in the public eye, as he lost someone close to him during the explosion. Aside from the logical motives, it also established that Batman V Superman’s Lex is a true psychopath, and was perfectly willing to dispose of the only other character he seemed to have any personal connection with for his own gain.

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