Why Kortni Gilson Is Not On Floribama Shore For Season 4

Floribama Shore season four was missing a key castmate—Kortni Gilson. To protect her mental health, she left the series to focus on her well-being.

Fans of Floribama Shore may be wondering why Kortni Gilson is not on season four of the hit MTV reality show. The star cited mental health issues and removed herself from the show. Kortni is known to be the life of the party and the last one to leave the bar. However, in the previous season, fans saw her spiral as she struggled with numerous personal issues. She left the show in 2020 and has since been an advocate for mental health awareness and fitness.

Kortni was a core part of the Floribama Shore cast. She had a quick temper and, once she started something, it was difficult to diffuse the situation. Kortni often found herself at the center of house arguments. Despite her short temper and heavy drinking, she was an integral part of the family. Although she will be sorely missed, her reasons for leaving need to be addressed, as mental health needs to be taken seriously and handled effectively.

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The Hawaiian-born reality star decided to leave Floribama Shore in January 2020 to take care of her mental health. Kortni said she was struggling with anxiety and said the issues in her life, coupled with being on reality TV, were too much for her. In an interview with MTV News with Dr. Drew, Kortni said, “After the cameras were off, I was talking about sexual assault that happened to me and how I wasn’t okay.” In the interview, Kortni referred to her breakdown in season three, which led the cameramen to turn off their cameras while Kortni vented to her housemates. The sexual assault incident occurred when she was 16 and she never spoke about it.

Kortni was able to take her mental health into her own hands, and seek healing for the issues she is facing in her life. She said at that moment, she had hit “rock bottom.” This is a huge step, as it is very difficult to take the first step in seeking help. Hopefully, she finds the peace she needs and deserves. For now, it was the right call to leave the house and be with her family. Kortni looks much happier and healthier on her Instagram. She often talks openly about her mental health and fitness journey, opening a space for others to do the same.

The other Floribama Shore housemates have continued the season without Kortni. They are now stuck in a house in the mountains as they face issues they have struggled with in the past as a family. It is the first time they cannot distract themselves with partying, as they are forced to stay in one location due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tensions are high, with Jeremiah Buoni and Gus Smyrnios still holding onto grudges from the previous summer while Gus comes to term with Nilsa finally moving on from him. Even without Kortni, the Floribama Shore cast is truly having a season like never before.

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