Why It’s Taking So Long To Film & Release A New Season

While other shows have been releasing new content during COVID-19, Survivor fans have had to wait patiently. Here are the reasons for the holdup.

Popular TV series Survivor has been a victim of bad timing, strict health and safety guidelines, and tricky logistics that have all delayed season 41. For fans of the show, this TV season feels like sitting on the sidelines at a big game. Viewers must watch as other TV shows, like The Bachelor and The Amazing Race, continue releasing new seasons, even during the pandemic. Here’s why Survivor hasn’t aired a new season since May 2020.

Usually, Survivor films two seasons back to back in early summer. The first of the two seasons premieres in the fall, and the second premieres in the spring. Now, Survivor is two seasons behind, as there was so September 2020 season and there will not be a May 2021 season. Those installments would have been seasons 41 and 42, respectively. This is the first time in more than twenty years that Survivor skipped a year. The Emmy-winning reality show has been crowning winning survivors every year since 2000. Filming for Survivor was first postponed just as COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in March of 2020. Despite the hope that they would begin filming again in May 2020, COVID-19 proved too complicated to maneuver as cases only rose. However, things are looking up, and we now know when the new season will finally arrive.

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The 41st season of Survivor will air in fall 2021. Fiji’s safety regulations are what caused the production slowdowns on Survivor. The small island country took a very strict approach to COVID-19. Government officials were cautious about letting anyone into Fiji during most of the pandemic, and it has paid off  – there are currently zero cases of COVID-19 in Fiji. A Fijian Minister of Trade and Commerce explained why the new season of Survivor, which has been filmed in Fiji since season 23, was difficult to organize. He explained Fiji has a strict 14-day quarantine that applies to every person entering the country. Since Survivor crewmembers are coming from different parts of the world, they have staggered their arrivals to ensure a safe quarantine.

Jeff Probst Survivor Island of Idols

The Fijian government has managed to protect its own citizens by enforcing such a strict quarantine. Now, the Survivor cast and crew are almost ready to begin shooting. Inside Survivor reported that members of the production crew are still arriving in Fiji as of March 2021, and those who have finished their quarantine have already gotten started on pre-production. Just like the crew, the new cast will undergo a staggered quarantine. Once some of the cast has quarantined for 14 days, others will arrive and quarantine, until the whole cast is ready to start their Survivor journey safely. As April approaches, most of the cast members are probably already finished with their 14-day isolation. Season 42’s cast will go through the same process this May.

Fans can relax knowing that Survivor will be back this fall, and all of the cast and crew will be safe. Given that the show takes place in an isolated setting, it was for the best that every precaution was taken to avoid any much-dreaded medical evacuations. The theme and cast for the new season have not been revealed, but knowing that Survivor will be back after such a long break is enough to tide people over until more details emerge.

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Source: Inside Survivor

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