Why Former Guest Big Sean Loves Dragon Ball Z

The Voice season 14 guest performer Big Sean is into Dragon Ball Z. Find out why this anime fan took his mom to meet a Dragon Ball Z voice actor.

Big Sean gave a memorable performance with Halsey on The Voice season 14, and we’ve learned some fun facts about his Dragon Ball Z obsession. He recently introduced his mother to the Dragon Ball Z voice actor who played Goku (who couldn’t beat every Dragon Ball villain). It turns out that Big Sean is an anime fan and he wanted to honor the voice actor. Since Big Sean is grateful to his mother for supporting his passion for anime, he set up the meeting with the voice actor and his mom. Then, he posted about it on social media.

Most people who watch The Voice remember guest performer Big Sean. During the season 14 finale in 2018, he performed the song “Alone” with Halsey. Big Sean has been performing since 2008. The Voice season 14 finale aired live and Big Sean’s performance got plenty of media attention. As they did the song, Halsey danced with a woman. She featured Big Sean in the music video for the same song. While Big Sean raps in the song’s bridge, he talks about what it’s like to be alone. Listeners can feel his emotions. Now, he’s sharing more of his feelings by opening up about his love of Dragon Ball Z.

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Big Sean posted a video where he and his mother Myra Anderson got to meet Sean Schemmel, who voices Goku in the series. In the video, Big Sean and his mom say that they know a lot about the show. Schemmel admits that he doesn’t know who Big Sean is. Anderson thanks Schemmel for making her son happy when times were tough. Schemmel then does the Goku voice. Some fans think Goku could beat One-Punch Man in a fight! During the meeting, it’s obvious that everyone there is excited and having fun. In the caption, Big Sean remarked that he couldn’t believe he and his hero are both named Sean. He also stated that he was happy he could give his mother this experience. View the video here:

Big Sean loved Dragon Ball Z when it premiered on TV. The show was a way for him to learn about experimental animation and innovative storytelling. It’s no wonder that young Big Sean was a fan of the show, as Schemmel explained that his director told him to act, “For the children!”  Schemmel took that advice to heart.

Even though Big Sean is an adult now, Schemmel says that he will always perform for him because he was once one of those kids who watched the show. Schemmel definitely inspired one talented rapper who was a guest performer on The Voice. It would be fun to learn whether other The Voice icons, including the show’s highest-paid coach Blake Shelton, are also into anime.

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