Why Fans Thought Adriana Was A Gold Digger

Many fans of The Real Housewives of Miami franchise thought that Adriana was a gold digger and just out to elevate her status within Miami.

Even though The Real Housewives of Miami hasn’t graced the small screen in over ten years, fans felt that Adriana de Moura was a gold digger at times. The franchise is getting a second chance as Bravo announced it would be airing a new season NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, later this year.

The Brazilian was an art lover and worked at an art gallery where she concentrated on finding up-and-coming artists from the Miami area. The mother of one knew her stuff and sold enough to live a comfortable life. Fans watched as her friendship with Lea Black took a nose dive back in 2013 after Lea insinuated she was her charity case. Adriana was an OG and starred on the show for its three-season run. Fans often gravitated toward her since she was the life of the party, and who could forget her punching Joanna Krupa in the face?

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The art lover confused fans in the beginning because she acted as if she were single but was dating a Frenchman by the name of Fredric Marq. She claimed she wasn’t ready to marry him for two seasons, but fans found out she had actually been married for five years! Black was hurt the worst by the lies since she felt Adriana had used her for her money and connections. The blonde revealed during an episode that she would often buy painting’s from the gallery to make sure her friend earned money but Adriana disputes that her former friend ever paved the way of life for her.

Season 1 cast of The Real Housewives of Miami

Since leaving the show Adriana and Fredric, who by the way are now split up, sold their gorgeous Miami waterfront property for $5 million. The couple also had an antique yacht that fans watched Fredric repair, but no one is sure what happened to that asset since Adriana hated it with a passion. The mother of one dropped the bombshell in April 2020 that she had left her husband and fans are curious about the settlement.

But the question remains was Adriana a real-life gold digger? We think not as she was reported to earn $75,000 per season and has a net worth of $10 million. There were way worse gold-digging housewives throughout the franchises, such as The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi. As for Adriana, she may have used her fiery personality and good looks to get a leg up, but that would hardly classify her as a gold digger. Fans are looking forward to seeing her on season 4 of The Real Housewives of Miami this year.

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