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Why dogs and humans are so close?

Why dogs and humans are so close?Dogs have a unique chemistry with human beings and both tend to coexist with each other peacefully. The social characteristics of humans and dogs are identical enough that dogs, surrounded by people, can live totally comfortable lives and vice versa.

Dogs are privileged with even the finest food and veterinary treatment and always staying in comfortable beds of their guardians. The evolution of bond between humans and dogs took a long time starting from the initial domestication of dogs to present scenario.

Why dogs and humans are so close
Why dogs and humans are so close

Ability to interact

Dogs have a profound ability to interact with humans. They follow our actions and commands. When we throw a ball, they run to catch it and bring it back to us. When we point at something, they do look in that direction understanding what we are trying to communicate and respond in a well manner.

Dogs are exceptionally attentive and have an uncanny capacity to foresee what their owners are going to do, whether they’re having a meal for the dog or heading for a walk. Studies showed that dogs and wolves can use the path of our eyes to find concealed food to be perceptive observers of human body language.

They also have proper senses for likes and dislikes. They don’t like all the food given to them. Dogs like raw meat and proper food and now salad and other vegetables. Even they have their preference for supplements and dog vitamin powder showing how intelligent they are.

Show some love

Think about this – when you have gone out and return home, do you see how much excited your dog is? He/she jumps to you, keeps running around, licking your face wagging its tail vigorously. This is way of dog to show love for its human and they do it whenever they feel like.

In return, we show them love by providing good food, maintaining them, playing and walking with them and giving them a place to stay. Dogs help in reducing stress and anxiety which many humans suffer from and they require a companion for their company and dogs are perfect at that part.


It can be theorised that dogs are loyal because we provide them food and shelter but can there be any other reason? But for dogs, loyalty is really only a normal trait. Dogs are herd animals, implying they are social creatures that enjoy the company of other animals.

This action is also a strategy for survival. Packs thrive because the members of the group rely on each other to survive. If one trains his or her dog frequently, after a time period, dog will follow their orders thinking of it coming from the head of the herd.

In the animal world, it’s a bond like no other, and while we have other equally lovable domesticated animals, no one comes close to this bond shared by humans and dogs. If you have a dog, you are very lucky to share a bond so close with the cute animal.

Why Dogs and Humans Are So Similar

Have you ever wondered why dogs and humans are so similar? The answer is that dogs have evolved over thousands of years with humans just following suit. Their legs, hands, and feet are very similar and most of all their instincts are the same. In fact many of the same diseases and disorders are also found in dogs that humans. The main reason for this is that dogs are the only animal apart from human that has not evolved its own innate sense of right from left.

A dog’s loyalty is another trait that is very much like that of humans. They are forever on a look out for a kind of sign that shows that they are welcome in the family or have done something right. Dogs will join you for dinner, shower you with gifts, and pamper you. A dog will always be there as a loyal companion, whether it is in your home or in a boarding kennel.

Security and companionship

A dog is one of the only pets that can provide you a sense of security and companionship. There are few pets that can make you feel like a part of the family. While some breeds may prove to be dominant, there are also others that are very gentle and well mannered. You can get a large variety of dogs that can help strengthen your bond with each other and your family.

Dogs love a good game of fetch and if they don’t have a particular game they will be keen to play with you. It’s no wonder then that they are found so closely associated with hunters. Hunting dogs such as greyhounds, golden retrievers, and spaniels are able to catch the most elusive of criminals. They can be trained to find and retrieve small game and ducks and in some cases have been trained to track and kill a target.

Health Care For Your Pet Dog

It is said that dogs should be allowed to voice their opinions. Many people feel that this is a good idea as it encourages debate. A dog’s opinion can be as valid as a human’s and many dog owners are happy to allow their dog to express themselves. It is amazing how much an animal can alter their behavior for the better if they feel like they are being respected.

Dogs are known to have strong emotions and it is probably natural for them to show these desires when they get near another human. Although they have been domesticated, the instinct is still very strong and dogs will behave as if they are protecting their master. If you have a dog who is constantly barking or if you are the owner of a dog who feels like it is being threatened, it is likely that your dog will show signs of anxiety or agitation.

Close Connection

Humans and dogs share a close connection with each other. Dogs have long memories and can connect bad experiences with their past owners. They can remember bad things done to them and can associate a person with these memories. This is why dogs often try to protect the people that they see as their owners, even if it is in defense.

The way that a dog reacts to someone can tell you a lot about that person’s character. It is said that a dog’s nose is twice as good as a mans nose. If you want to know whether a person is an honest person or not then look at the way that your dog reacts. A dog is able to smell deception from a mile away. This means that if you are trying to find out whether or not someone is lying then you should try training your dog to lie to you. Training your dog to lie does not take long and once your dog knows what you expect it will begin to help you figure out things that you are unsure of.

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