Why do stretch marks come? The expert’s answer – Fashion.it

Why do stretch marks come? The expert’s answer – Fashion.it

Why do stretch marks come? The expert’s answer – Fashion.it

Kylie Jenner she shows post pregnancy stretch marks on Instagram and makes her followers happy, who asked her not to edit photos anymore. I mean, Kylie Jenner one of us. Stretch marks are not as democratic as cellulite, but belong to the body of many women, and in large part it is an aesthetic defect decided by genetics: if you are predisposed, a yo-yo effect of a few kilos is enough to cause them.

Having stretch marks, especially if they appear after pregnancy, is undoubtedly a gift synonymous with life, (even Kylie Jenner called them a gift from her daughter Stormi). The artist Sara Shakeel become famous for her glittered interpretation of the images, she elevated stretch marks to an art form, because it is precisely from the imperfection that the most authentic beauty is born, capable of redefining the canons.

The concept of prevention it is also increasingly popular in the beauty sector to better cope with aging and delay it as much as possible, but not only. “Stretch marks are very difficult to treat and today there is still no absolute truth that brings together all the experts. If the mother or grandmother has many stretch marks in the family, then it is possible that it is a genetic predisposition that can be controlled by practicing a healthy lifestyle, avoiding excessive weight changes ”, explains Dr. Carlo Borriello, maxillofacial surgeon and medical director of the Medical Beauty Spot center in Milan and Lucca.

Because stretch marks come

“As we said stretch marks depend on genetic predisposition and mechanical and hormonal causes. So weight loss or weight gain and hormonal changes due to certain diseases such as Cushing’s disease. These causes cause an alteration of the morphology of the collagen that manifests itself with the streaks on the skin that are immediately red and then turn white “, explains Borriello. “When they are in their initial phase they are easier to treat than when they become sedimented scars.”

The methods for eliminating stretch marks

They are difficult, but not impossible. A feature that makes the stretch mark particularly “woman” and in fact, seeing it on the male body is much rarer. “Among the most effective treatments there are peels, dermabrasions, lasers: they are all methods that are performed only on the stretch mark and that stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. This alters the stretch mark fabric which is replaced by the formation of new healthy tissue “.

Unity is strength: “The combined machines give better results. For example, radiofrequency can be associated with pulsed magnetic fields such as Venus Legacy with a fractional ablative nano radiofrequency such as Venus Viva. The ablation creates controlled and therefore not dangerous micro-lesions on the skin, which trigger that tissue repair mechanism that makes the stretch mark disappear. The results are already visible after the first session, and after three treatments the stretch marks improve even up to 80% “.

They can be eliminated almost entirely, but they can return. “We recommend having a booster session once a year.”

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