Why David Thinks Andrew Needs Help After Second Threat

After threatening David Toborowosky again, Andrew dug into David’s past to support his point. But David just thinks Andrew needs professional help.

After a second threat from 90 Day Fiancé season eight cast member Andrew Kenton to fan-favorite show alum David Toborowsky, David genuinely thinks Andrew needs help. Andrew already earned the villain tag,  and he has now challenged David to a fight. Andrew rubbed fans the wrong way with his despicable behavior towards Amira Lollysa, and he then cried wolf by constantly claiming he was given a bad edit by TLC. But one good video message sent to Amira by David and his wife, Annie Suwan, triggered Andrew to threaten the Pillow Talk star not once, but twice.

When David first commented that Andrew was a “wannabe” who threatened him, 90 Day Fiancé fans were shocked by his claims. David wrote to a fan saying Andrew treats women as “objects” and loves to pick fights with a “52-year-old man.” It was then revealed that Andrew, upset over David and Annie being #TeamAmira replied to a comment about who he would fight in an MMA match on IG with, “The one that looks like a Ninja Turtle Penguin Batman a** b***h.” The daycare dude of 90 Day Fiancé declared he would beat David down, as he had been “talking sh*t” about him. Soon enough, he also posted another video saying he would “come after” Toborowsky.

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Although David wished him well, Andrew still made another threat against him. While the videos were uploaded to Andrew’s stories, blogger John Yates shared a recording to his Instagram profile, on which David commented, “As I mentioned he is [in] need of attention and clearly some meds.” This response came from David after Andrew spoke about David’s friend, Chris, in an Instagram story asking him about TLC giving him a bad edit. “Do you think you got a bad edit or do you feel TLC showed both sides accurately,” Andrew was asked by a 90 Day Fiancé fan.

The season 8 cast member replied with, “Most definitely. If you guys want to talk about bad editing and Ninja Turtle Penguin saying that I shouldn’t be blaming the editing, why don’t you ask his friend Chris about massages?” Another fan comment to Andrew said, “Tobo would kick you’re a*s!!” To this, Andrew responded, “This WWE stuff is way too much fun for me.” Andrew not only threatened to go after David, but also taunted him with, “Chris can’t sponsor you’re a*s now,” and “no amount of hair follicles will ever make you look good again.” This time around, Andrew also dragged Tiffany Franco and her husband for supporting David by calling him “Ronald McDonald clown.”

The scene Andrew was referring to during the video happened during David and Annie’s 90 Day Fiancé season. After David revealed to Annie that they would be staying with his friend, Chris Thieneman, and his wife, Nikki Cooper, due to financial struggles, the couples both sit down for lunch. In the scene, Chris asks Annie if she will help around the house during her 90-day stay. David’s friend also asked if she would be willing to give him “Thai massages” while he lounged poolside. After the episode aired, Nikki went on record to say  the scene was “scripted” and they were “fed their lines.

Perhaps 90 Day Fiancé star Andrew wanted to prove that, just like Chris and the apparently staged “Thai massage” scene, his entire arc on season eight was manufactured by TLC. With Andrew getting personal and digging up dirt on David, more 90 Day Fiancé fans have turned against Amira’s ex. Annie too clapped back at Andrew recently by throwing shade at his Puerto Vallarta stay. Since then, Andrew has suspiciously stayed quiet. Perhaps with just one episode left in season 8, Andrew hopes that he could get the redeeming “good edit” he seems to have been after since episode one.

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Source: John Yates, Andrew Kenton

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