Why Black Adam’s New Hero Means It Doesn’t Need Superman

Pierce Brosnan has been cast as Doctor Fate in Black Adam. The addition of the classic superhero proves that the movie doesn’t need Superman.

Doctor Fate being in Black Adam shows why the upcoming DCEU movie doesn’t need Superman. Black Adam and Superman are among the strongest characters in the DC Universe. Due to their reputations, there’s always been a great deal of interest in seeing the two clash on the big screen. But though there has been some discussion over Henry Cavill’s Superman appearing in the movie, so far there’s been no evidence of his inclusion.

Regardless of whether or not the Big Blue Boy Scout makes an appearance in the 2022 movie, Black Adam won’t be shorthanded when it comes to superheroes. Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Doctor Fate will all be making their DCEU debuts in the film. As for the role of Doctor Fate in particular, the character will be brought to life by Pierce Brosnan, who portrayed James Bond in the 1990s. Like the other three heroes who will be encountering Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson), Doctor Fate aka Kent Nelson is a classic member of the Justice Society of America. In the comic books, Doctor Fate is known for his vast magical abilities.

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Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate is a major addition to Black Adam, and one that could easily make up for the absence of Superman. After all, it’s important to note that the Last Son of Krypton is far from the only powerhouse in DC Comics. As a sorcerer equipped with an incredibly powerful helmet, there aren’t many heroes or villains who can go toe-to-toe with Doctor Fate and come out on top. With all his arcane knowledge, there’s not much he can’t accomplish with his magical spells. He can heal himself and others, manipulate numerous forms of energy, fly, read minds, create force fields, and more. Apart from all these powers, he also has enough strength and durability to engage in intense, physical battles as well.

Justice League Superman Doctor Fate

When taking everything that Doctor Fate is capable of in DC Comics into consideration, it’s easy to see why he’d be a massive challenge for Black Adam. As fun as a Superman vs. Black Adam fight would be, Doctor Fate vs. Black Adam could be just as interesting, since the JSA hero brings so much to the table with his mastery of the magical arts. A battle between the two characters would promise to be a visual spectacle and possibly one of the biggest highlights of the movie. With all this in mind, including Superman at this point would seem wholly unnecessary.

A potential fight between Black Adam and Superman is the primary reason why he’s such a big talking point for the movie. But the problem with having him there is that it would risk overshadowing or distracting from Doctor Fate and the Justice Society. It would be better for Black Adam to focus on the anti-hero himself and the movie’s Justice Society heroes, rather than bring in Superman – who the film no longer needs. In Doctor Fate, the JSA has a character who has what it takes to deliver a thrilling one-on-one superhero showdown.

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