Why Among Us’ Console Versions Make Game Updates Harder

Among Us developer InnerSloth has revealed game updates will take longer to make because the game is now on consoles, like the Nintendo Switch.

Among Us went from an unknown game to an indie sensation in a matter of months. Its stunning rise to the top has led developer InnerSloth to port Among Us to various consoles, including Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This has made it available to even more people worldwide, but its expansion to other platforms has also hampered how quickly InnerSloth can push critical updates and patches.

Among Us was once only available on PC and mobile platforms. After it attracted one of Twitch’s most influential streamers and, subsequently, the world, InnerSloth went to work to bring its interstellar party game to consoles. The studio recently revealed this long-awaited arrival on other gaming systems will slow down game updates across the board.

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Previously, InnerSloth could push out quick updates to patch Among Us glitches and ship new content in a matter of days. Now, the team has to communicate with multiple third parties and navigate more red tape to alter the game on every platform where it’s available. This will result in slower Among Us updates and revisions in the future.

Why Among Us’ Console Versions Slow Down Its Updates

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Now that Among Us is on the Nintendo eShop and Xbox devices, InnerSloth explained in a blog post, the developer needs to submit its code changes to Nintendo and Microsoft before they go live. InnerSloth didn’t mention how long each approval process usually takes, but the platforms likely have differing average timeframes for update approvals, and the release of major additions needs to wait until changes are approved by every platform.

In fact, Among Us‘ Airship map update was delayed because InnerSloth wanted to release Among Us on Switch first. This caused the team to “hard [stop]” Airship’s development to get the port out the door. That likely won’t be the last time new content is halted for platform port approvals, either.

InnerSloth warned fans that the era of “[putting] out an update in two days” has come to an end. Patches will likely take weeks to roll out to all platforms, and that timeline could be extended, as the developer will eventually get Among Us on the PlayStation Store. The social-deduction game has earned a rightful place beside AAA games, but that means it will be subject to the same rules and regulations that govern those console titles.

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Source: InnerSloth

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