Why All Entrepreneurs Should Learn a Foreign Language

And how to do it.

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14 January 2021

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Entrepreneurs can do a lot to build their business and improve their profitability. But one of the least obvious is: learn a new language. Learning a new language will help you expand your markets and professional network, better understand your competition and maximize your PR strength and outreach. In an increasingly globalized world, it is absolutely invaluable for startup founders to learn a new language. This is why we have used some of the best res on the web. check them out.

Babel Language Learning

Babel is the world’s top-grossing language learning software and one of the top rated apps in the market. Developed by over 100 expert linguists, Babel has helped millions of people learn a new language through bite-sized lessons that you can take in your own time. With this deal, you will get access to the entire 14-language library for the best price on the web for a limited time.

Get a lifetime membership to Babel Language Learning for $ 179 (Reg. $ 399), saving 55 percent.

Fluent City: 10-Week Language Learning Course

Why go to an in-person language class when you can learn online from a live instructor? Fluent City is an innovative language training organization, providing individualized instruction in 11 different languages. Each class is small, social and conversation-based so that you can quickly apply your learning to real-world situations.

Get the city fluent for $ 299.99 (Reg. $ 399), a 24 percent savings.

Memorial language learning

Memrise offers a unique three-step approach that helps you learn a new language naturally. The smart app is suited for everyone creating a learning path that has the right level of challenge to keep you motivated while improving. You will learn through real-life words and phrases in a conversation-based course.

Get a lifetime membership to Memorial Language Learning for $ 99.99 (Reg. $ 139), a savings of 28 percent.


Explicitly combines science and computational algorithms to teach the 4,000 most statistically-relevant words in each of the eight target languages. From Spanish to Estonian, you will learn the words and phrases that will help you explain them quickly, with confidence.

Get a lifetime membership for $ 69.99 (Reg. $ 399), saving 82 percent.

Beelinguapp Language Learning App

Research shows that reading is one of the best ways to enhance comprehension skills. Beelinguapp does research to help you learn a second language, providing you with accurate lessons in two languages. It is an audiobook and karaoke reading simultaneously, which helps you learn new languages ​​by reading and listening to texts. Its innovative approach and top ratings have earned it the Google Play Store Android Excellence Award.

Get a lifetime membership to the Beelinguapp Language Learning App for $ 39.99 (Reg. $ 100) for a savings of $ 39.99.

Free Lirica Premium Language Learning App

Dey has been named an Apple app in 2020, Lyrica uses the grip of music to help you learn a new language. Each of Lyrica’s lessons is based on hit songs from some of the world’s biggest artists and has been meticulously performed by language experts. With two modes, you can enjoy music videos on your own or learn through lyrics.

Get a lifetime membership to the Lyrica Premium Language Learning App for $ 49.99 (Reg. $ 149), saving 66 percent.

uTalk language education

uTalk won the Queen Award for Innovation and Expert because it makes learning a new language so much easier. You can use Utlock on any device to access teaching materials for over 60 different subjects through accessible lessons. You will discover real, practical terminology that will be useful in real-world situations and verify your learning through speaking games. With this deal, you can choose two languages ​​from their 140-language library.

Get a lifetime membership to uTalk Language Education for $ 19.99 (Reg. $ 84), saving 76 percent.

Price subject to change.


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