Who Was Threatening The Flag-Smashers?

Flag-Smashers’ leader Karli received threatening texts in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We break down who sent them and why.

Warning! Spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 2.

The anti-patriot group the Flag-Smashers were seemingly initially set up to be The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s central villainous figures. But a moment from episode 2, “The Star-Spangled Man,” changed that perception. A threatening text sent to the Flash-Smashers’ leader Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) proves that there is likely a more sinister force at play.

Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) reunite in “The Star-Spangled Man” to continue Sam’s investigation of the group. Once the duo finds them, they see that the Flag-Smashers were stealing what they thought was medical supplies. But after seeing the anarchists’ super strength on display, they realize that what they were smuggling could potentially be super-soldier serum. Later in the episode, Karli gets a threatening set that states, “You took what was mine. I’m going to find you and kill you.”

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Shortly after that moment, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier shows the Flag-Smashers loading supplies onto a plane, only to be interrupted due to the fact that they’ve been compromised. One of the members states that the Power Broker’s men are coming for them, and they have very little time to escape. This means that the Power Broker is also likely the one who had been threatening the Flag-Smashers earlier in the episode.

New Captain America and Power Broker

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has introduced a number of villains early on in the series. But as the Power Broker is a classic Marvel villain often connected to Captain America, it’s safe to assume that he could rise as the main villain of the MCU show. In the comics, Curtiss Jackson held the mantle of Power Broker for quite some time. He began as a minor criminal but eventually rose through the ranks of Marvel’s crime syndicate the Corporation. He went onto become an antagonist to heroes other than just Captain America, making him a worthy addition to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 

As the Power Broker was known for taking part in shady underground deals that granted high-paying customers superhuman strength, connecting him to the Flag-Smashers makes perfect sense, given many of the group have displayed such strength themselves. But that leaves the question of where the Flag-Smashers will stand in the show’s ultimate conflict, with so many villains involved in the plot (there’s also Helmut Zemo to consider). They could end up working side-by-side with Power Broker and a potentially villainous John Walker (Wyatt Russell), or maybe even assist Sam and Bucky in taking down a common enemy. But as Karli is referred to as a Robin Hood figure in “The Star-Spangled Man,” it seems as if the Flag-Smashers may exist in a morally grey area. Thanks to the events of Avengers: EndgameThe Falcon and The Winter Soldier exists in a world where the rules have completely changed. Good and bad don’t necessarily look the same as they previously did. The Power Broker’s threatening text to Karli just goes to show that the MCU Phase 4 will look different than anything Marvel has previously explored.

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New Captain America and Power Broker

Who Is The Power Broker? Falcon & Winter Soldier’s Secret Villain

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