Who Made Fortnite’s V-Bucks In The Lore

V-bucks are the in-game currency for Fortnite and used to purchase outfits and more, but who actually created V-bucks according to the game’s lore?

Thanks to Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite, the story is back at the forefront of players’ minds. Because of this, it’s worth diving deeper into some of the past lore surrounding Fortnite. This includes V-Bucks, Fortnite‘s in-game currency that’s used to purchase a variety of items. So, who actually made Fortnite‘s V-Bucks in the game’s lore?

V-Bucks are a huge part of Fortnite, and it’s become a major source of revenue for Epic Games’ hit battle royale, since many players spend real-world money on V-Bucks. Players can use V-Bucks to buy all sorts of in-game content, like outfits, emotes, and Battle Passes. Although players can occasionally get V-Bucks for free, the most common way to get this currency is by purchasing V-Bucks Cards with real money.

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Even outside the lore, V-Bucks have become an important part of the game. Promotions with other companies give out V-Bucks for free, and the new Fortnite Switch Joy-Con Bundles comes with free V-Bucks and exclusive items. V-Bucks are such an intricate part of Fortnite that some players may completely overlook the currency’s connections to the game’s story and lore. For those curious, here’s how V-Bucks relate to the overall lore and backstory for Fortnite.

How V-Bucks Connects To Fortnite’s Lore

Criminals V-Bucks Fortnite

Like a lot of stuff in Fortnite, V-Bucks were created by Dr. Vinderman. The “V” actually even stands for Vindertech, the company Vinderman founded. Vinderman is the mind behind Fortnite‘s weapons and tech, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to discover that he’s also behind V-Bucks.

While Fortnite is known for its battle royale gameplay and cosmetics, there’s actually quite a bit of backstory and lore to keep up with. Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite once again puts an emphasis on the narrative, and now that Zero Point is taken care of (for the moment, at least), it’ll be interesting to see where the story takes players next. During this time, it’s still interesting to look back at some of the past history of Fortnite and how gameplay aspects like V-Bucks actually tie into the game’s lore. So, for anyone who’s curious, V-Bucks were created by Dr. Vinderman for Vindertech – which explains why it’s commonly used in-game and on The Island.

The Chapter 2, Season 6 update for Fortnite adds a map remix, several new character skins, new weapons, and more. For anyone who’s taken a break from the game, it’s a great time to get back into Fortnite and see everything new that the game has to offer.

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