Who Is Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’?

Who Is Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’?

With season 3 of The masked singer well started, viewers are now very confident in their predictions from competitors. Take Turtle for example – according to fans, the costume alone is a major gift according to which the person under the spiky shell is an edgy singer. But are they right? Who knows at this point, but nevertheless here is what the Internet says about Turtle.

Who Is Turtle on 'The Masked Singer'
Who Is Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’
  • We reveal the most lively fan theories below. Who is Turtle The masked singer season 3?
  • If we were to guess based on the clues we know so far, we would say that Turtle is Jesse McCartney.

Who is Turtle The masked singer?

So far, here are the clues revealed about the punk-rock reptile:

  • Turtle wears a black studded leather jacket and holds a yellow guitar in a promo for the show.
  • The same video also shows a purple jersey framed with a “C” on it and a team photo on the wall.
  • Turtle was surrounded by other “hungry newcomers” early in his career and felt like everyone around him was fighting “tooth and nail for the dream”.
  • It has a connection to a surfboard and always takes things “step by step”.
  • Turtle believes that “the race wins slowly and steadily”.
  • The turtle has a connection with burgers or cooking.
  • The rock-and-roll reptile is “unconditional to be the best”.
  • Turtle posted a comic book with a price of $ 10.13 for his super index.
  • Turtle wrote “Never go crazy at my school – turtle” on a blackboard.
  • The turtle is “in search of the spoils”.

On the basis of this evidence, it seems that the Internet has collectively agreed on a few possibilities:

Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney in concert - New York, NY

Theo Wargo

All over the Internet, the singer’s name “Beautiful Soul” is spinning. Turtle not only looks like Jesse, but the clues add up. The burger part of Turtle’s first hint pack could be included because Jesse shares a surname with a popular UK meatless burger brand called Linda McCartney’s. The surfboard in the hint pack could represent Jesse’s passage over Summerland, while references to the fight for “the dream” could allude to his time in the boy group Dream Street before going solo.

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Speaking of Jesse’s old group of boys, it turns out that the first letters of each word in Turtle’s table note – reon’t rwith eworm at my school, Tturtle – spell, yes, Dream Street. Oh, and remember that super index of $ 10.13? The 10th letter of the alphabet is “J” and the 13th letter is “M.” IDK, that seems pretty convincing to us!

Joey McIntyre

New Kids On The Block “Extra” Tour

John Lamparski

Although the majority of people seem convinced that it is Jesse, some lean more on the former member of New Kids on the Block. Why? Well, the clues match up a bit. Turtle referred to taking things “step by step”, which happens to be the name of a hit from New Kids on the Block. Even if Joey’s group member Donnie Wahlberg would make more sense in terms of a burger index (since he owns Wahlburgers and everything in between), Judge Jenny McCarthy (also, Donnie’s wife ) think it was actually a sign that Turtle knew Donnie. What else, The masked singer tweeted Turtle to Joey on Valentine’s Day … which is pretty suspect, if you ask us.

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So, is Turtle one of those musicians? Honestly, we think it’s Jesse, but hey, we could be wrong!


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