Who Is Steve Carell’s Wife? Inside Steve and Nancy Carrell’s Marriage

  • Steve Carell married his wife Nancy in 1995.
  • Steve and Nancy first met in the famous Chicago Second City improv theater group.
  • Steve stars in the new Netflix comedy Space force, which was created on May 29.

    Steve Carell may have left Office almost a decade ago, but that certainly doesn’t mean his comedy days are over. In his latest adventure, the actor plays General Naird in the Netflix series Space force.

    The new show, which premiered on May 29, was created by Steve himself and Office Creator Greg Daniels. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Steve’s wife, Nancy Carell, also helped to inspire the series in a way. After all, she East an actor and acted alongside Steve before on television.

    In fact, Nancy once appeared as Michael Scott (Steve’s Office Carol) Stills’ girlfriend. Carol was the real estate agent who sold Michael her beloved condominium in season 2. Over the course of eight years (from 2005 to 2013), Nancy appeared on seven episodes of Office.

    Even now, after 24 years of marriage, some Office fans can’t remember how they didn’t put the pieces together earlier.

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    One of the couple’s most memorable moments in real life as a fictional couple happened when Michael proposed to Carol for their ninth date in “Diwali”. But Michael and Carol’s romance ended when Michael Photoshopped his face on that of Carol’s ex-husband, then sent it as their “family” Christmas card.

    “I don’t know how to handle this thing and the proposal, and I don’t think things will work out with us,” Carol told Michael in the episode “Benihana Christmas”.

    Nancy and Steve on Office in 2006.

    Justin Lubin / NBCU Photo Bank

    Fortunately for the Carells, art did not imitate life. The couple – who met for the first time in the famous Chicago improv theater group Second City – have the most adorable love story. Here’s what Steve said Ellen DeGeneres in 2015 on how he and Nancy met in the 90s:

    “We were terrible. I worked in Second City, she took lessons there, but she worked as a bartender across the street, and I went after shows and tried to start a conversation. We were both very, very shy, nervous and shy people around each other. And the conversation would look something like, “Hey, you know, if I ever asked a woman to go out, it would be someone like you, just like you.” And she said, “If a guy like you was ever to ask a woman like me to go out, I certainly would. “

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    He said it had gone on for weeks before he finally figured it out and started dating. “I was immediately drawn to my wife. She is beautiful, intelligent and really funny,” said Steve. The Guardian in 2013. “She sort of ticked all the boxes in my head, but I thought she hated me because she was very calm around me. I thought she knew for sure that I was full, and I found out later that she was as nervous as I was and trying to act cool. “

    And when the couple decided to get married, Steve was just as excited about their future together. “I knew early on that it was the right one,” he said at the point of sale. “I will never forget to stand at the altar and I saw her go down the aisle – immediately a feeling of calm invaded me. There was an ethereal sense of the correctness of everything and more than anything , it was very stimulating to know this person was going to be my partner and have my back. “

    They were married in 1995 and both worked as correspondents. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from 1999. (Check out one of their most hysterical clips together, “We Love Showbiz.”) During their tenure on the Daily show, Steve and Nancy welcomed their 19 year old daughter, Elisabeth. Nancy left the show in 2002 and the couple had their 15-year-old son, John, in 2004.

    Despite Steve’s long list of comedy credits, he says Nancy is “a lot funnier than me”. Three years later, he echoed the same sentiment when chatting with Entertainment tonight in 2016: “She makes me laugh more than anyone.”

    Steve, John, Elisabeth and Nancy Carell in October 2018.

    Frazer Harrison / Staff

    Nancy also played supporting roles in Bridesmaids (she played Helen’s tennis partner in the hilarious match against Kristen Wiig), and as a dispensary advisor The 40 year old Virginot. His first big break, however, was a 17-episode stint on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1996. The couple also met to create the show Angie Tribeca, featured Office alum Rashida Jones.

    Although Nancy and Steve may not have had the best screen chemistry Office (purposely, of course), we can’t get enough of their love and off-screen support. So what keeps magic alive after more than two decades together?

    “There is no secret,” said Steve in 2013. “I think you’re in luck.” Awww.

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