Who Is Piglet On Masked Singer? Celeb Identity & Clues Explained

We were certain which celeb was Piglet on The Masked Singer season 5 before his first clue package. Now, those clues back up our prediction.

Even before his first performance on The Masked Singer season 5, most fans had figured out the identity of Piglet from a small clip of his performance. This was due to his very recognizable voice. Now, after a full performance and plenty of clues, it appears that clip may have actually been a spoiler. We’ve gone over the clues and found that they all fit perfectly with the well known former boy band member that viewers were certain was behind the fuzzy pink fan favorite costume. Despite the answer to his identity being so obvious to fans, it appears it is less obvious to the judges based on their guesses.

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Ken Jeong decided to go with people who didn’t win American Idol and settled on singer Adam Lambert because a rose clue reminded him that Lambert had a song called “Roses.” Meanwhile, Nicole believed the heartbreak Piglet spoke of reminded her of Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth’s very public split from pop star Miley Cyrus, but that rose clue made her think it was perhaps someone who had publicly split from actress Bella Thorne. With this in mind, she settled on singer Charlie Puth. While both Puth and Lambert have some serious singing chops, we still think they are way off on this one. So we’ve got our own identity theory, all the clues, and how they fit our predicted celeb.

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Who Is Piglet? Masked Singer Identity Theory: Nick Lachey

Since before the season even began, we’ve said that the former 98 Degrees member was moonlighting as Piglet. He hit the ground running with his performance of “Speechless” by Dan & Shay. Anyone left who wasn’t sure that the Newlyweds star was the voice behind the mask quickly got on board. While all the clues kept lining up to support this theory, there was one small but interesting clue that also seems to make a lot of sense. Piglet said he joined the show pretty last minute. It’s unclear if this was to fill in for someone who had a conflict with this season or perhaps someone who had a temporary conflict and might turn up as a wildcard later. However, it seems like Lachey, an experienced singer with decades of reality TV experience, would be on any shortlist of who to call.

One Tree Hill Nick Lachey

Week 2 Piglet Clues

Cluedle Doo says Piglet knows how to stay cool even in the heat. “Love in the Mud” appeared on the screen before the package, like a show title. Piglet said he’s a part-time lover/full-time ham. He said he hadn’t always been lucky in love but was still a hopeless romantic. He said he was guilty of dropping the L-word on the second date. The visual clues included a bouncing “?”, a rose, a tattoo on his forearm with a heart and an ax, and a clock set to 12. Piglet spoke about the world seeing his heartbreak and learning that some flowers have sharp thorns. He sang “Speechless” by Dan & Shay. He also said that he only found out he was coming 4 days earlier.

All Piglet’s Identity Clues & How They Fit

The biggest clue (of course) is that Piglet’s voice is the same voice fans of Nick Lachey know and love. However, the actual clues pointed to his career and many reality TV projects. Cluedle Doo’s comment about staying cool in the heat seems to be a great way to point out that he was in a band named 98 Degrees. The “Love in the Mud” title was in the style of a soap opera, and as part of 98 Degrees, he did in fact appear on a soap opera. The band’s Facebook page even posted a throwback of the performance just last year. That could also be pointing to the show Love is Blind that he and his wife Vanessa host.

The public heartbreak fits very well with his very public split from singer Jessica Simpson. Their romance and marriage were documented on their reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The clock with 12 on it was missed by the judges but is actually a significant clue. The clock set to midnight is likely a nod to the fact that Lachey and then-wife Simpson once hosted Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve, a job panelist Jenny McCarthy did for a number of years as well. If the voice wasn’t enough, the clues definitely back up the fact that Piglet is reality TV veteran Nick Lachey.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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