Who is on Next ?: the 2020 finalists

Also this year, despite the difficulties arising from the global health emergency and also encountered by the fashion system, the scouting project Who Is On Next? has reached its sixteenth edition.

The Altaroma project, created in collaboration with Tips Clear Italia, is dedicated to the research and promotion of new generation designers who make Made In Italy collections, and is confirmed to be a unique opportunity for the selected brands to exhibit their creations in front of a prestigious jury of industry experts.

«We are very happy to have kept this commitment in such a delicate moment – he has declared Silvia Venturini Fendi, President of Altaroma – This project represents a moment of strong introspection for us and for the children who choose to participate. Furthermore, this year the choices are enriched in the menswear and genderless category. This is because Altaroma is in fact the ideal setting for an innovative and hopefully mental approach to design, while maintaining a strong connection with artisan traditions and Made in Italy excellence ».

Also agree the words of Emanuele Farneti, Director of Tips Clear Italia: «Never as in this difficult moment is it essential for everyone to do their part in order not to lack support for young talents and emerging realities, which more than others risk being overwhelmed by the crisis. It was therefore natural for Tips Clear Italia to confirm, and if possible make it even more convinced, support for the Who Is On Next? Project. In an edition that, confirming great receptivity to the signals that come from society, rightly opens up to new categories ».

The 12 finalists of the 2020 edition have been selected – among more than 200 applications received – by the commission composed of Sara Sozzani Maino, Deputy Director Tips Clear Italia, Head of Tips Clear Talents and International Brand Ambassador CNMI e Simonetta Gianfelici, Fashion Consultant and Talent Scout, Head of Who is on next? Project Altaroma.

For the prêt-à-porter category the following were chosen: AC9, Alexandre Blanc, DALPAOS, Des Phemmes, Dima Leu, Francesco Murano, Gall, Roi du Lac is Vade Retro. For accessories: IIndaco, Melip is ZEROUNDICI Eyewear. We present them to you:



AC9 was launched in September 2019 by the Sicilian designer Alberto Cortese with the spring-summer 2020 collection. A linear and clean aesthetic, almost Nordic, but without losing the taste of Italianness, becomes the hallmark of the brand.

Fluidity, charm, naturalness and versatility of the clothes are the masters so that the freedom to express oneself through linear, simple, and at the same time sensual collections emerges predominantly.


Alexandre Blanc was born with the intention of creating a clothing brand ready-to-wear with a couture approach, based on small sustainable collections.

He mainly works on the volumes of the garments, to tell an aristocratic, natural and slightly bohemian woman, who is not afraid to show her vulnerability and her freedom to wear clothes that tell her true personality. Through a distinct mix of colors and prints, the garments are structured, but never constricting, and are designed to be worn every day.

All fabrics and clothes are developed and produced in Italy, to underline the local approach to procurement, development and production.


DALPAOS was born with a capsule of unisex garments created with recycled fabrics from furniture, unsold garments and unique designs with artistic signatures. This remained the basic concept of the brand: that is, the union between design and material, between artistic inspirations and product ethics.

Each season has evolved progressively, the collections have expanded and the brand has taken shape, declining classic garments that are reinterpreted in a modern key with quality fabrics and tailored workmanship with easy portability, all united by a spirit of pursuit of perfect balance between classic and new. DALPAOS works with mostly natural fabrics from the very first garments produced, embracing sustainability and ethics, the real research of these days.


The main focus of the brand is the search for a look effortless and contemporary that transcends seasonal trends and promotes an intellectual and timeless aesthetic, destructuring the stereotypes of femininity.

The search for fabrics is constant, together with a strong interest in colors and a strong taste for Couture in proportions and details. The brand is aimed at a cultured and characterful woman who approaches fashion with a spontaneous and personal attitude.


DIMA LEU is a men’s and unisex clothing brand founded in 2015 in Italy by the designer of the same name and which addresses the issue of re-reading sportswear in a sophisticated key, focusing on the encounter between sport and sport. tailoring, between the classic men’s suit and the two pieces of the more classic gym suit.

The collections combine the freedom that sportswear gives the body with the style and elegance of classic fabrics. Sportswear is born, comfortable and easy to wear and which thanks to the construction and choice of materials can replace the function of a suit. Since the beginning, moreover, the brand has demonstrated a sustainable approach to production, offering its customers some limited edition items produced exclusively with Made in Italy dead stock fabrics.

Starting from the SS20, the designer has extended this criterion to most of the collection thanks to the collaboration with Italian textile manufacturers and the use of existing fabrics in their archives.


Francesco Murano, graduated from the IED in Milan, won the Milano Moda Graduate in 2019 with his “Ossimòro Plastico” collection.

Her clothes were chosen by Beyoncé who wears them in the video “SPIRIT”, soundtrack extracted from the live action remake of “The Lion King”, and on the occasion of the Roc Nations pre-Grammys brunch she wore an outfit requested and made for the his personal wardrobe.

In November 2019, on the occasion of the 25 years of IED Madrid, he designed and packaged two outfits inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim in New York which then paraded at the “IED 25” event in the splendid setting of the Guggenheim in Bilbao in Spain.


Justin Gall is an American designer who combines his strengths in human physiology, art, graphics and designing garments to create the modern world of GALL.

Every aspect of the brand is personally cared for: from modular design, through its abstract prints and graphics, to lookbook shots. Working in this way allows him to experience his vision so that his creations can go through an evolutionary and constant path without distractions.


Founded in 2016, Roi du Lac has a clothing line ready-to-wear for women, a line for men and a line of accessories. What most characterizes the brand are the hand-drawn prints by Marco, the designer, and the commitment to guarantee customers a product handmade in Italy.

Since its creation, Roi du Lac has been known for the collection home which features wallpapers, fabrics, dishes and scented candles. The brand is present in several countries, from the United States to Japan, with over forty stores.


A little anachronistic, a bit old-fashioned, Vaderetro is a brand that makes its flag the anti-modern. His is a style with a unique character and without sex, which transcends any social barrier to transmit an effortless vision of clothing, selecting, rediscovering and rethinking what once were the essential wardrobes and, reinventing the past, creating the new.

Vaderetro is a sort of rebellion that celebrates individuality and self-creation, resisting a world of uniformity, such as mass fashion, and showing through collections that there is no need to be the whole to be part of the all.



IINDACO is a brand that was born from the passion of two Italian designers, Pamela Costantini and Domitilla Rapisardi, and is part of the footwear landscape as an ambassador of a mix of design, art, culture and craftsmanship.

It finds its natural expression in a line of shoes dedicated to women who pay attention to details, to artisan quality and are interested in buying something that is more than a product. IINDACO goes beyond idea and intuition, it is a lifestyle.


Melip is an Italian leather bags brand born in 2019 from the creative mind of Melissa, fashion designer and founder. Melip has a very specific identity, honest authenticity, craftsmanship and an essential design that celebrates form with function and focuses on simplicity, sobriety and natural beauty. The style is linear and clean with functional constructions and a leather processing method inspired by the highest Italian craftsmanship.

The references from which the project takes shape come from the fusion of the Scandinavian-Japanese style characterized by geometric minimalism, with reassuring curves and oversized proportions. Melip bags are conceived, designed and produced entirely in Italy, in the Veneto region, in one of the most important districts of excellent leather craftsmen craftsmen Made in Italy.


The creative part of the Brand is managed by two brothers, Simone and Daniele Testore, who have transformed a common passion into a winning business idea, trying to combine their skills in an innovative and design product.

Refined design, unusual shapes and attention to materials, are the distinctive elements of ZEROUNDICI eyewear glasses, designed to emphasize their personality by combining Italian tradition with an international essence.


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