Who Is Maya Rudolph’s “Husband” Paul Thomas Anderson?

Who Is Maya Rudolph’s “Husband” Paul Thomas Anderson? — Is Maya Rudolph Married?

Fans of Maya Rudolph know that she is more intimate than most when it comes to her relationship with the filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson. Of course, the old Saturday Night Live the actress will talk about her man from time to time, but apart from the occasional walk on the red carpet at the Oscars, it is quite rare to see the two together.

Knowing this, here is what we can tell you about their partnership: They started dating in 2001 after Magnolia rupture of the director with Fiona Apple. Two years later, Maya appeared during a question and answer session centered on Paul’s film Punch-Drunk Loveaccording to Brooklyn paper. At the time, however, the status of their relationship was largely unknown.

who is maya rudolph's "husband" paul thomas anderson
who is maya rudolph’s “husband” paul thomas anderson
  • Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson have been dating since 2001, but are not married.
  • However, the Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute to Prince the host and actress call Paul her husband.
  • Together, Maya and Paul have four children – Pearl, Minnie, Jack, and Lucille.

who is maya rudolph's "husband" paul thomas anderson?

Maya and Paul in 2007.

Dimitrios Kambouris

But when you make a 2018 profile with The New York Times, Maya has confirmed that she and Paul have been together for 17 years. On top of that, she revealed that despite the fact that they are not legally married, she calls her husband. Labeling Paul as her husband rather than her boyfriend started one day when she was in a restaurant and talking with a master, who told the story of a man who labeled himself as “the mayor unofficial of the valley “. In response, Maya let out, “I hope it wasn’t my husband.”

From there, the label remained. She told the store that she felt “ooky” to call Paul her boyfriend after the birth of their now 14 year old daughter, pearl (they are also parents of Minnie, 6, Jack, 8 and Lucille, ten). Maya likes to use the title husband because “people know what it means. It means he’s the father of my child, and I live with him, and we’re a couple, and we’re not going anywhere. “

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To this day, the two still seem happy. In 2014, Maya appeared in one of Paul’s films called Inherent vice. As GQ Put the, Paul’s typical day includes: “four children and a beautiful partner named Maya Rudolph and a house in Tarzana [Los Angeles] come home every morning, drop the kids off at school before showing up at the office. “

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Maya and Paul in 2015.

Kevin Mazur

What makes sparks fly after about 19 years and count? Maya explained to US Weekly that she firmly believes in work.

“I think, really, like the effort to make an effort – [that’s] the most romantic gesture. For example, being there, “she said.” Coming in every day is sort of the most romantic part because you can go on bail anytime. “

She had shared with the publication in another interview that she feels blessed to have the large family she makes with Paul.

“I never imagined having four children – that was never the goal,” she said. “I really feel lucky that everyone is healthy and amazing.”


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