Who Is Dillon James, the ‘American Idol’ 2020 Finalist?

Who Is Dillon James, the ‘American Idol’ 2020 Finalist?

American Idol really heats up now that the judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry reduced the field to just 21 competitors. Even still, Dillon James is to find a way to stand out from the rest of talented artists.

The first time the judges met the native of Bakersfield, California, they were instantly drawn to his country style and moving voice.

“I think it was really just done with emotion and honesty,” Luke told the artist after finishing his audition by singing. Bob dylan‘s “make you feel my love.” Lionel also rang, saying that it was “obvious” to send him to the next round.

Who Is Dillon James, the 'American Idol' 2020 Finalist?
Who Is Dillon James, the ‘American Idol’ 2020 Finalist?

Later in the competition, Dillon continued to impress the Hollywood jury of the week and the Hawaiian showcase, earning him a place in the top 21. But years before his trip Idol already started, Dillon had trouble finding his way in his early twenties.

“I had a good family life and as I got older I encountered my trials and tribulations with drugs and alcohol,” said Dillon on the show. “Many things happened to me that made me become a man [that] Today I try to do better than what I did before. “

Finally, Dillon found himself “on the street with no money” and had “pretty much lost everything”.

On the show, he recalled: “I found like a big old parking lot and [I thought] I might as well sleep up there. I would put my arm and leg out of the edge of the parking structure and sort of say, “I sleep like that. If I fall, I fall, at least I won’t have to think about it, because I’m going to sleep. “

With the love of his family behind him, Dillon changed everything – and now he’s been sober for over two years. He is currently working with his father in an asphalt business to support his budding musical career. For Dillon, music is the constant that has been there with him, through it all.

In 2019, Dillon released an EP called Good ole boy. Then, in January 2020, he promised that a new record would come “soon”. Since then, his fans have been eagerly waiting to let him know.

Before his EP, Dillon was already making progress in the industry. In 2012, he won the first songwriting competition of the International Modeling and Talent Association at the IMTA New York Convention. A year later, Dillon was cast in Lifetime’s A Christmas story in the countryside with Dolly Parton (which may explain why he looks so familiar) – unsurprisingly, Dillon played a teenage country singer for the film.

Looking ahead, Dillon has made it clear that whatever happens on Idol from now on, he’s just thrilled to have the opportunity to do what he likes.

“I just want to say how proud I am of all these incredible human beings, you are all so unique and beautiful in your own way. It has been such a pleasure to be with each of you and I have learned[ed] so much from you, “he wrote on an Instagram starring his fellow student. Idol “Truly an honor in my life.”


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