Who Is Andrea Bocelli’s Wife, Veronica Berti?

Who Is Andrea Bocelli’s Wife, Veronica Berti?

The extraordinary Italian opera was quick Andrea Bocelli, 61, falling in love with his manager and his wife, Veronica Berti, 36.

Although the couple officially married on March 21, 2014, Andrea once wrote in The Guardian that “actually the marriage started when we met.” The story goes that in 2002, the actress and acclaimed tenor met at the same party. There, Andrea sang her a tune, a piece called Occhi Di Fata (Fairy eyes). Veronica was 18 years old at the time; Andrea had just divorced his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti (with whom he shares two sons, Amos and Matteo), after 10 years of marriage.

  • Andrea Bocelli has been married to his wife, Veronica Berti, since 2014.
  • Together, Veronica and Andrea have a daughter named Virginia (Andrea has two sons, Amos and Matteo, with his ex-wife, Enrica Cenzatti).
  • Andrea will appear in One world: together at home Saturday April 18.

amfAR Gala Milano 2017 - Red carpet
Veronica and Andrea in Milan, Italy in 2017.Daniele Venturelli

“Everyone was there, it was a really wonderful moment between us,” he recalls at the point of sale of his meeting with Veronica. “It was the quickest and fastest departure because we moved in together the same night.”

And just like that, as Andrea says, the two started their relationship. According to Andrea, their 25-year age gap made things “easier, not more difficult”.

“Large age differences are a tradition in my family – my own father and mother have one,” he said. “Besides, I’m very religious, and the age difference is something you see a lot in biblical weddings.”


Andrea Bocelli - Celebrity Fight Night 2019
Andrea and Veronica in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, in 2019.Daniele Venturelli

He went on to say that the glue that holds them together has always been music – chatting, playing and listening together. In 2012, the same year, they welcomed their daughter, Virginia, in the world, they celebrated together a beautiful interpretation of the love song “Qualche Stupido”.

In 2014, the two exchanged vows at the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montenero in Tuscany, Italy – the same day Virginia was two years old.

“Naturally, when two people feel like us, they want to make it a permanent arrangement,” said Andrea Daily mail before marrying his manager. “It will happen religiously and spiritually, but it is a legal issue.”

Today Andrea and Veronica, who now reside in Tuscany, have lived more than six years of marriage. More recently, the pair has focused its efforts on raising funds for the COVID-19 rescue efforts through the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. In addition, this Easter, Andrea offered the world an incredible vocal performance during his Bocelli: Music for Hope concert at Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy. He will also do a special performance at One world: together at home April 18.

It is clear that the couple cares deeply about giving back, just as they deeply care about each other.

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