Who Animal Crossing’s Third Build-A-Bear Should Be

Animal Crossing: Build-A-Bears from New Horizons includes Tom Nook and Isabelle, but a popular character is missing from the plush collection.

The eagerly awaited Animal Crossing: New horizons collaboration with Build-A-Bear Workshop sold out online soon after launching on April 6. However, for those hoping to find a large selection of popular Nintendo Switch game characters, there has been a lot of disappointment. Tom Nook and Isabelle made the entire selection for the Build-A-Bear collection, leaving out some of the most popular Animal crossing characters, although a third plush on the way has the opportunity to remedy this problem.

Tom Nook and Isabelle are both popular mascots of the franchise. NPCs are well known and easily recognized by most who have heard of the Animal crossing games, but they are also overused in New Horizons merchandise, with plush, t-shirts and pre-made accessories readily available at various retailers. the Animal crossing The Build-A-Bear collection was an opportunity for others Animal crossing characters to become available as plush, including some of the most beloved NPCs and villagers.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop announced on Twitter that there would be a restocking of Tom Nook and Isabelle toys soon, and he also confirmed that a third character will be revealed in the summer of 2021. Just like the initial teaser for the Animal Crossing: New horizons collection, there has been no clue as to who this third plush might be, and – if the method of Tom Nook and Isabelle’s revelations is repeated – it doesn’t seem likely that any information will be removed until the new character does not actually become available for purchase.

Why Raymond Makes Sense for the Third Build-A-Bear Animal Crossbreed

Animal crossing New Horizons Best Popular Villagers Raymond

When the Build-A-Bear collection adds its third option, it should be the popular Animal crossing Raymond villager. Raymond is an exclusive character at Animal Crossing: New horizons, making him an excellent ambassador for the large selection of villagers available in the game. He also enjoyed enormous popularity among fans for his smug personality and lovable appearance. Raymond also made a nice plush, with his waistcoat, his glasses and his eyes of different colors.

There may be more than three Animal crossing characters added to the collection during 2021. Previous Build-A-Bear Workshop collections often added new options slowly when partnering with popular franchises such as Pokemon, Star wars, and How to train your dragon. Because of this, Animal Crossing: New horizons fans must come back with the collection throughout the year.

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Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop / Twitter

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