White Vision Joins The MCU’s New Avengers Team

Similar to what happened to the comic character, it could be that Marvel’s plan for White Vision is for him to join the MCU’s next Avengers team.

White Vision’s future after WandaVision may be with the MCU’s new Avengers team. Right now, it’s clear if they still exist after Avengers: Endgame, but it’s inevitable that the Earth will need their protection again. When they reappear in a future Marvel project, Paul Bettany’s White Vision could be a member of the group.

The Android Avenger is technically dead in the MCU, but his legacy lives on in White Vision. Based on a version of the character that worked with the West Coast Avengers in the 1980s, White Vision made his shocking MCU debut in WandaVision episode 8’s post-credits scene. It was explained that under the direction of SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg), the organization was able to bring Vision back online. For years, they couldn’t pull it off, but Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) gave them the means to make it happen. After she shot down a drone that infiltrated the Hex, SWORD managed to procure some of the Chaos Magic energy from the drone and use it to reactivate Vision’s body.

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As an emotionless weapon of SWORD, White Vision relentlessly targeted Scarlet Witch, which resulted in a dramatic showdown with Westview’s Vision. Once his memories were restored by the other Vision, White Vision flew away and wasn’t seen again. The WandaVision finale leaving his future open has led to much speculation over what Marvel may have planned for him in MCU Phase 4 and beyond. Both his role in the comic books and comments from the showrunner could provide some hints as to what Marvel may intend for him after WandaVision. Here’s why that plan could involve a stint with the Avengers.

What Happened To White Vision In Marvel Comics Explained

White VIsion Wonder Man Marvel Comics

Following the government’s decision to dismantle the Vision, Hank Pym was able to reconstruct Vision, but unfortunately couldn’t restore him to the way he was before. The rebuilt Vision lacked the original’s personality matrix because Pym was unable to include a component from his original design: Wonder Man’s brain patterns. As a result, White Vision couldn’t feel emotions. However, he did at least have knowledge of his past relationship with Wanda and his association with the Avengers, thanks to the data that Pym installed into his memory banks. Knowing that his place was with them, White Vision joined the West Coast Avengers and served as a reliable member of the team for years before eventually transferring to the main team in New York City. Later on, he received a new set of brain patterns from a deceased scientist. That, combined with the gradual resurfacing of Wonder Man’s brain patterns, caused him to evolve back into the Vision of old.

White Vision’s MCU Future May Not Be With Scarlet Witch

White Vision and Scarlet Witch in WandaVision

It’s important to note that there’s a significant distinction between White Vision and the previous two versions, and the comics reveal why they’re so different. In the MCU, the equivalent to Wonder Man’s brain patterns in his design is the Mind Stone. Since White Vision doesn’t have the Mind Stone, it’s impossible for him to think and feel in the same way that the original Vision did. That’s likely why he didn’t try to save Wanda in the season finale.

To some, it was curious that Wanda didn’t address the arrival of White Vision after her brief encounter with him, nor did she seek him out. This was explained by WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer, who said that he’s “not her guy.” According to her, White Vision isn’t the character that Scarlet Witch shared a life with in WandaVision, or the one she lost to Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers: Infinity War. White Vision is just the “body and the data.” It’s for this reason that no resolution between the two characters was needed. Essentially, he’s a different character to the Vision that Scarlet Witch (and audiences) are familiar with.

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What this means is that White Vision’s future in the MCU (if he has one) doesn’t have to be tied to Scarlet Witch. Since these are characters who aren’t important to each other, it’s not necessary for Marvel to keep them together. Plus, it’s worth noting that of the two, only Wanda is confirmed to be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So from the looks of things, they may be appearing independently in the MCU going forward. With that in mind, White Vision’s next MCU role doesn’t have to involve Scarlet Witch at all. He could appear in any of Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ shows, such as Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Armor Wars, and more.

Why White Vision Could Join The Avengers

WandaVision White Vision

White Vision’s next move after WandaVision may be to find the Avengers. Going in this direction would be fitting for his character, especially since he has memories back. In the comics, he had access to various memories of his past missions with the Avengers, but he didn’t have an emotional connection to any of them. If White Vision has the same problem in the MCU – and it makes sense that he would – then it seems reasonable that his next story will involve a journey of self-discovery. To understand who he is now and what his purpose is, he may seek out people and places that he recognizes from his memory banks. The obvious person to look for first would be Wanda, but if she’s off learning magic from the Darkhold in the mountains somewhere, White Vision may not be able to locate her. In that case, his next best bet would be to go to the Avengers.

Of course, it’s not altogether clear if there is an Avengers team for him to join right now. They could be defunct in the post-Endgame era, which could lead to the creation of a new Avengers line-up. Based on the characters Marvel is using in its Disney+ shows, it does seem possible that Marvel may be building up to the formation of the MCU’s take on the West Coast Avengers. The comic book counterparts of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell), Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), and White Vision have all been members of the team. She-Hulk, Falcon, and Winter Soldier weren’t on the team in the comics, but any of them could be added to the MCU roster regardless. The number of superheroes Marvel is incorporating into its Disney+ shows is giving them plenty to work with if they’re intending to make a new Avengers team out of them. And if they’re in need of a powerhouse, White Vision would be an excellent candidate for that role.

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