White Vision Can Carry Iron Man’s MCU Legacy (Better Than Spider-Man)

The White Vision introduced in WandaVision has been set up as the true keeper of Iron Man’s MCU legacy, and even more so than Spider-Man.

WandaVision introduced White Vision to the MCU, who is a character who can be the true bearer of Iron Man’s legacy – even more so than Spider-Man. After reconstructing Vision’s original vibranium body, SWORD reanimated the hero – now silvery-white and more emotionally detached – using Scarlet Witch’s own Chaos Magic. He briefly fought against his own doppelganger at SWORD’s behest before the memories of his former life were reawakened, prompting him to leave the Westview hex for points unknown.

It’s unclear what role White Vision will play in the future of the MCU, but he has a better opportunity than any other character to continue Iron Man’s legacy. From the very beginning of his superhero journey, Stark had one mission in mind – a safer world. A world that wouldn’t need superheroes to constantly avert crises, because those crises would be preempted. That goal is what drove him to create Ultron in the first place, who in turn helped create Vision. While the Ultron experiment failed, Iron Man’s dedication to his mission never wavered, not even in the face of his own death.

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As the ultimate result of the Ultron experiment, Vision already carried much of Iron Man’s legacy from his very conception. He fought alongside the Avengers to quell various threats, but he mostly served as just another soldier in the ranks, no different in effect than any of the other heroes. Vision’s possession of the Mind Stone also made him dangerous – both for his ever-present potential to turn malicious and omnipotent like Ultron or for the way he attracted would-be conquerors like Thanos.

Iron Man Snap in Endgame with Vision in WandaVision

White Vision is colder than the original, but he also has the potential to finally be what Tony Stark wanted – a vigilant sentinel for the Earth. He possesses all the power and infinite knowledge of the first Vision, but he lacks the dangerous x-factor of an Infinity Stone. He remembers all of the events the original Vision witnessed, but he’s able to understand them in a more objective, detached way. In essence, he has all of Vision’s original capacity to protect and do good, while also having more of a big-picture perspective on his role in the world.

When Tony Stark died, he left Spider-Man as Iron Man’s clear successor. However, Peter Parker will never be able to truly live up to that legacy. Where Tony was concerned with protecting humanity on a large scale, Spider-Man is more focused on the day-to-day wellbeing of ordinary people. Where Iron Man was a bold leader, Spider-Man is more of a solo hero. Parker’s role in the world is inherently different than Iron Man’s, and that’s okay. It’s even better now that White Vision exists, as he can properly continue Iron Man’s mission and legacy, leaving Spider-Man free to follow his own heroic path.

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