Which RE7 Ending Does RE8 Follow

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has multiple endings, but based on the RE8 trailers so far, which ending does Resident Evil Village actually follow?

With just over a month to go before Resident Evil Village releases, a lot of the game’s plot is still being kept under wraps. While gameplay details and demos will give fans an idea of what’s in store for them ahead of Village‘s full release, there’s still likely many surprises in store. However, based on the reveals so far, Resident Evil Village appears to follow only one of RE7′s multiple endings.

Resident Evil Village will be the eighth mainline entry in the long-running horror franchise. Ahead of RE8‘s release, there’s been a lot of fan speculation regarding Village‘s timeline and connections to other games. While most of this will likely remain largely a mystery until the game’s release, previous trailers hint at events that have followed since the final act of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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Like Resident Evil Village, RE7 follows Ethan Winters. The plot of RE7 also involves Ethan’s wife, Mia, who’s infected with a bioweapon leading to many horrific events within the game. However, there are actually multiple endings for Resident Evil 7, which occur once Ethan (and players) must decide who to give the final dose of the serum to. Ethan can give the serum to either Zoe or Mia, and depending on which character players choose, this provides a divergence for the rest of the game’s narrative.

Which RE7 Ending Is Resident Evil Village Using

Resident Evil Village Ladies Cover

Presumably, this means Resident Evil Village follows the plot in which players chose to save Mia. It was hinted that Mia was a character seen in RE8‘s first trailer, and that’s since been confirmed thanks to the game’s official website. Additionally, it appears she and Ethan have led a fairly happy life since RE7‘s ending, since she and Ethan now have a baby together named Rosemary . Based on other plot details revealed, it looks as if Chris Redfield’s kidnapping of Rosemary will serve as the inciting incident for this eighth mainline installment.

Until the game actually releases, it appears Village will follow the RE7 ending in which Mia is saved. However, given that the Resident Evil series is known for throwing surprises into its narrative, this could always be a clever ruse from Capcom to make fans think this is RE7‘s canonical ending. For now, though, it looks as if Ethan and Mia have led a happy life since Biohazard‘s ending – although Resident Evil Village looks to change that.

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