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Have you ever imagined running away from the clutches of your 9-5 routine or trying to break free from normal life? If yes, what is it that has kept you imprisoned in your dreams? Many people find this difficult to accept, but the reason is that they keep their travel fantasies away from themselves. But no more, as we have not only discovered the ideal vacation spots for you, but have also compiled a complete guide, informing you in advance..
Varied and tricky it is very difficult to choose Seychelles vs Bali. If one is a wonderful coastal getaway with a dotted coastline, the other is a heartthrob in terms of beauty and pearl beaches.

Places to visit – Seychelles vs Bali

It does not take much effort to prepare for the journey of these enchanting landowners around the world. While Seychelles is spectacular in its seaside, Bali, on the contrary, attracts a lot of attention due to the natural beauty surrounding amazing places.

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The Seychelles is one of the few places in the world where anyone can see the aquatic paradise before their eyes. Azure waters, gleaming beaches, and boulders that span the islands Mahe, Pralin, and La Dig give the destination an esoteric appeal. Apart from cascading to the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and hiking can also spend the day by dining with delicious dishes.

Places to visit in Bali

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Bali with its Indonesian touch is very much a thriving destination. Make way to experience the rich culture and architectural wonders in Ubud, the picturesque paddy fields in Jatiluvih, the volcanic mountain range with coral reefs in Kuta and Jimbaran. The island is also known for the many yoga and meditation that it involves.

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Natural scenery

The destinations we are ready for are two ancient islands Seychelles vs Bali, That provide stiff competition to each other. While one archipelago consists of 115 islands in Africa, the other is in Indonesia province far away from Southeast Asia.
While Seychelles is made up of 115 islands on the one hand, coral reefs and unexplored forests on the other hand, Bali, on the other hand, which has waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes and pristine forests, complete the satisfaction of your trip. However, the diversity in these two may seem to be something that is common to both sites, which are the amazing natural reserves at their core.

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Weather and best time to travel

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Both Seychelles and Bali experience an overall similarity in terms of weather. Although they appear to lie apart from each other, the locations are geographically located closer to the equator. The average temperature is 27 ° C while the Bali temperature is around 30 ° C. The seasons are also quite similar as both destinations experience dry and wet weather. The best time to plan a trip to Seychelles would be April, May, June, August, November and Bali, it is April to June and September.

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Ideal period

A total of 3-4 days is required to complete your journey in the Seychelles, including islands scattered around the archipelago. Bali, by contrast, requires a maximum of 6-7 days to cover all important places. However, if you have visited this amazing destination before then trim your trip for 3-4 days.

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The Seychelles currency is the Seychellois Rupee and is denoted by the SCR and the currency of Bali is known as Indonesian Rupiah and symbolized as RP. While 1 SCR is equal to 5.20 INR, 1 Rp is equal to 0.0052 INR
We have also compiled other currency exchanges around the world which are described below:

1 USD = 13.70 SCR / 13,643 RP
1 EUR = 15.29 SCR / 15,227 RP
1 GBP = 17.89 SCR / 17,830 RP

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Average Budget – Seychelles vs Bali

Another important step before planning a trip is to assess the entire budget. We have streamlined the entire budget of the trip considering the places of food, sightseeing as well as other miscellaneous things. In addition, the average compiled at the end is the basic cost so that it will be easier for you to plan your journey ahead.

Average budget for seychelles trip

Flight cost on average: Flight costs start at INR 28,901. For one round trip per couple (booking must be done before about 30 days).
Average Accommodation: INR 4000-10000 approx. (For a double room in a luxury hotel).
food: Starts at INR 2900
sightseeing tour: INR 3830
Diverse: INR 5000
The average cost per pair per day is INR 13,000 or 2511 SCR approx.

Average budget for Bali Trip

Flight cost on average: INR 12,505. For one round trip per couple (booking must be done before about 30 days).
Average Accommodation: INR 2400-7000 approx. (For a double room in a luxury hotel).
food: INR 1343.
sightseeing tour: INR 8500
Diverse: INR 4000
The average cost per couple per day is INR 16,243 or 3125591 Rp approx.
Important article:
The total cost of the hotel, food, sightseeing, and miscellaneous are included in the budget.
On average airfare is excluded because it varies with different destination and travel time.
The cost of flights can be cheaper when booked from cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Trichy, Jaipur, etc.

The cost per day can also vary as it depends on how many attractions one is planning. For example, visiting the island in Seychelles can be expensive compared to temples in Bali. The average cost per person on a daily basis has been calculated taking into account the lower unit.

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Visa – Seychelles vs Bali

Everyone planning to visit Seychelles will be aware of the fact that Seychelles offers visa-free access. However, return tickets, passports will also be included along with documents indicating the purpose of the journey at all times.
The same is the case with Bali, as tourists who visit there are granted visa-free access. But there is an exception here because visa-free access is valid for 30 days across the country and cannot be extended. Also, get a visa exemption ticket from the immigration counter during your trip.

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If you are a shopaholic and love to buy things on every tour than Bali is a win-win destination. From huge malls with designer wear to local markets that have a plethora of handicrafts, Bali is a winner in this aspect. Shopping in the Seychelles is a less important matter as there are a handful of local shops that specialize in selling souvenirs.

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getting around

The most common mode of transport in Seychelles is through buses and cars. One can travel via buses to highlight important places or hire a car depending on convenience. An alternative to car rental is a taxi to get around the local. Transport in Bali is very diverse as the destination is blessed with a range of services. While Kura-Kura is equipped with bus Wi-Fi, Varma offers tours to major locations. Other modes of transport are motorcycles and taxis.

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To join these two destinations, a trip to these fascinating islands can be considered fruitful. We are sure it is difficult to choose between a vacation in Bali versus a trip to the Seychelles. However, our only advice would be to plan your trip well in advance, as we want you to spend a gala time between the two in your favorite island destination.

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Frequently asked questions about Seychelles vs Bali

Q. Which is better Seychelles or Bali?

a. While both Bali and Seychelles are equally good to visit but Seychelles receives less number of tourists and has a smaller population than Bali.

Q. Is Bali good for couples?

a. Bali is an ideal place for your holiday plans as it has many restaurants and private areas especially couples who value privacy.

Q. How is Seychelles as a destination?

a. The islands of Seychelles are the most romantic destinations imaginable. Another reason why Seychelles is chosen more often than any other destination is because its climate remains warm throughout the year.

Q. How can I go to Seychelles from India?

a. There is a nonstop flight from India to Seychelles which takes about 4 hours 30 minutes to travel. The SEZ airport near Victoria’s capital serves as the hub of Air Seychelles.

Q. Seychelles is bigger than Maldives?

a. The Seychelles islands claim calm waters and are larger than the Maldives. Mahe is the main island in the archipelago and the capital of the city of Victoria.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Seychelles?

a. Seychelles is mostly known as a visa-free country, but passports and other documents should always be kept in a safe place.

Q. What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

a. The months between April to October are the best time to visit the country as the temperature changes between hot and humid during this time.

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