Which One Are You Crazy About?

Kayaking is the use of a small and thin water boat known as a kayak for crossing water carcasses. When kayaking, the paddler uses double-bladed paddles in rotation to move forward. The paddler has to lift the front-facing position with his feet in front of him. In contrast, canoeing is an activity in which the paddler will use a single-ended paddle to move a thin boat called the canoe with pointed ends and an open top. Both water activities have been in use for thousands of years but their modern versions have predominated since the late 19th century. To help you decide what activity is done here for you Kayaking vs Canoeing guide! Just look!

About kayaking and canoeing

People often confuse kayak and canoe with some people, also called canoes – an open canoe; Because double-blended paddles and canoes are used using a single-blended paddle in addition to the kayak, the common distinguishing feature is their tops with the kayak partially closed and the canoe being the open top. There are abundant water bodies worldwide for both kayaking and canoeing. In this article, we will bring to you some of the best places around the world which are known for these two water sports.

A kayak has a double-bladed paddle and the kayak is partially open with a top at the feet. The ends of a kayak are pointed which makes it appear in the shape of a thin banana but this thin structure helps to increase the speed of the kayak. The canoe has a single-bladed paddle and is fully open at the top which gives it more space so that more than one person can comfortably sit in the canoe. Even the canoe is thin, but its design makes it slightly slower than the kayak but still equally efficient.

5 Best Places to Kayak in the World!

Here is a list of the best kayaking spots in the world. Go through these places mentioned in it Kayaking vs Canoeing Guide and choose your location for your next vacation! Keep scrolling down!

1. Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

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It is one of the major places for marine kayaking in the country. A challenge for paddlers, in this kayaking experience, is the direct merging of glaciers to glaciers and the majestic peaks of the Glacier Bay Mountains into the sea. Paddlers can expect many glimpses of both wild and aquatic life such as the most beautiful and serene scene with the names of whales, sea lions and seals; Habit of living in and around Glacier Bay.

cost: INR 3570 / – approx.

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2. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

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Wrapped in a large part of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, it is one of the best places to kayak around the world. Explore the lesser known islands that make up Europe’s pristine beaches on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Travels by Dalmatians involve much more than kayaking. Camping on the jungle hills across submerged waters and taking a historical journey to visit.

cost: INR 2500 / – and up

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3. Svalbard, Norway

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This is another dreamy place for kayak lovers. Paddle on the icy topaz water, battle through the harsh winds, enjoy the cloudless skies to reach the glaciers and then soak in the peace of sight and bask in the joy of doing something that many people could only dream of. Enjoy the views of the seagulls carved on the snowy peaks that fill this Norwegian sea and take amazing photos with Svea Glacier as the finest natural backdrop. And this thrilling experience comes at a price for kayaking in Norway, super expensive but definitely worth every penny.

cost: INR 20500 / – approx.

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4. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

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Originating in the Pacific Ocean, the island is a volcanic enclave. Considered one of the first places in the world to see wildlife, it is located about 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador. It is one of those rare treasures that many people are still unaware of because of such beauty that once you are here, you will want to keep coming. Search for water at eye level and greet the turtles and sea birds on your way, kayaking here should definitely be on your bucket list if it isn’t already. And if you are lucky enough, you might also get to see penguins and their fascinating walks.

cost: INR 17000 / – and above

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5. Halong Bay, Vietnam

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It is quite a hotspot for kayaking as tourists from all over the world come to its jade colored waters for the sole purpose of kayaking. Surrounded by many islands surrounded by dense rainforests, you can go even if you do not know how beautiful places to kayak there that will soothe your eyes. With eight famous places for kayaking, paddling here is a relaxing and very fun activity. Dip in the calm waters of Helong Bay or camp on the shore, it would be really worth it to come here.

cost: INR 4700 / – approx.

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5 Best Places to Canoeing in the World!

Here is a list of the best canoeing spots in the world. Go through this kayaking vs canoeing Guide and choose your location for your next vacation! Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Fiji Islands

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A sanctuary of more than 300 islands, Fiji is located in the South Pacific. And along these many islands, Fiji has gained its fame for its crystal clear lagoon, palm beaches and, of course, the very popular water sports. Whether you want to paddle among the reefs or take a swim in a cold spring or surf the waves to enjoy the views of the coral visible from translucent waters, Fiji has got your back. Despite having so many islands, you will experience something new on each of them.

cost: INR 5500 / – and above

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2. Phang Naga Bay, Thailand

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Between the mainland of southern Thailand and Phuket Island, this small gem has found many small islands, known for limestone cliffs, caves and lagoons. The bay is equipped with beautiful coral reefs and has a spectacular view for all to see. With canoe and amazing backdrops taking photos in the sea caves of this stunning bay, the place is truly a haven for canoe lovers.

cost: INR 7100 / – and up

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3. Zambazi, Africa

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The longest pre-flowing river in the Indian Ocean from Africa, it is one of the top places for all you lovers. Enjoy a variety of bird and small animal sites for part of the lower Zambezi River, built on either side by the National Park and then soak in the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the river before its descent over Victoria Falls. Canoeing here is going to be an experience you definitely won’t forget.

cost: INR 9900 / – and above

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4. Belize Barrier Reef

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Stretching along the coast of Belize, it is a series of coral reefs. Known for stunning coral reefs, canoeing here is going to be an absolute pleasure for those who enjoy the breath-taking multi-colored coral. Paddle along the beach or canoe in the middle of a cave, you will definitely have a meaningful experience.

cost: 4300 / – and above

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5. Kerala, India

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Kerala is known for its clear backwaters, river cottages, grand houseboats and its stunning green views. Canoeing is not only a sport or water activity here, but it is also a means of transportation for most of the locals living there. So, you know, they are good at it. Tourists from all over the world come here for the distinct canoeing experience Kerala has to offer. Breathe in the fresh air, let the surrounding greenery soothe your eyes and warm your heart with the hospitality of the locals, Kerala is truly a must for all your paddlers.

cost: INR 1000 / – approx.

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Kayaking and canoeing, both of these water activities are being wildly encouraged for the sudden increase in popularity in recent times. People have associated these sports with prosperity, so whenever someone thinks of kayaking or canoeing, it always seems very fancy. Since they are above water movements, it is very easy for us to reach the oceans and the ocean. And many paddle lovers always want to explore more to fulfill their fantasies. Now, if all your doubts have been cleared by this kayaking vs canoeing guide, plan your international vacation immediately!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kayaking V / S Canoeing

Q. Is kayaking and canoeing the same thing?

a. Technically, they are not doing the same thing for a kayak while a canoe is not an open-top. Additionally, kayak paddlers use a double-bladed paddle and canoe paddlers use a single-bladed paddle. However some people confuse them for the same thing and canoe for open kayak.

Q. Does anyone know how to use a kayak or canoe before use?

a. It is always better to have some experience but the canoe can still be used without any experience provided you take precautions and safety measures.

Q. Is the kayak sharp or canoe?

a. Kayak is much faster than the canoe because of its thinner frame.

Q. Is it risky for a kayak or canoe?

a. This is not particularly risky for a kayak or canoe, but one must always be prepared for future risks.



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