Which Billionaire Fortunes Dropped The Most In 2020?

As a group, the billionaires did notoriously well enough in 2020, despite the large number of people who suffered an economic crisis due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. But – and this may come as a minor relief for some – not every billionaire saw his personal fortune develop over the course of the year.

The biggest billionaire loser of 2020, speaking at least in terms of his personal net worth drops, was Spanish fashion billionaire Amancio Ortega. Ortega saw its net worth drop below $ 8.95 billion during 2020. Chinese real estate billionaire Hui Ka Yan had the second biggest decline, at around $ 6.8 billion.

which billionaire fortunes dropped the most in 2020?

Pascal Le Segret / Getty Images

Lauren Powell Jobs, widow of the late Steve Jobs and generally considered the richest woman in the tech sector, saw a net worth of less than $ 5.22 billion earlier this year, while leading the ups and downs of Coach Engineering Fortune. More similar drops over 2020 for two different billionaires: Charles Koch and Julia Fleischer Koch – widow of the late David Koch. They both make 42 percent of their bets in the family business, so both saw a decrease in their personal net worth by $ 5.17 billion.

Vagit Alekperov is taking behind the suspected honor of the biggest billionaire deficit of 2020. The total wealth of the Russian oil billionaire went down by as much as $ 5 billion in shame during the year, which only makes it to the top of a very high pyramid, as we all know that not really a good year to have the good fortune of 2020 Was tied to oil prices.

Of course, while these six billionaires saw their fortunes decline the most in 2020, they are all very wealthy who are able to absorb such losses without too much real damage. None of them were close to losing their status as billionaires – the closest, Vagit Alperov, still had a net worth of $ 17.3 billion to his name at the end of the year – so how bad his year went. do not think so. Still, if your 2020 was not the biggest year of your life, you can at least get some cool comfort from the fact that you didn’t spoil a billion dollar year compared to when you started it.

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