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Nestled amidst the spectacular Western Ghat or Sahyadri mountain range, Lonavala is one of the most popular and most visited hill stations of India. Lonavala in summer offers pleasant weather conditions, which makes it indeed one of the best place to visit in that period and one of the top places to visit in summer. Besides, Lonavala also houses numerous tourist attractions including historical sites, forts, mountains, theme parks, museums, and many more.

Located around 88 km away from Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra, this hill town can be accessed from all the prime cities of the country. Both, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, as well as Mumbai-Pune Expressway, passes through this town. Coming to the connectivity, the town is well-connected to Pune International Airport (64km) and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (104km). There is also a local railway station.

Weather In Lonavala In Summer

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Lonavala is one of the places that has an amazing climate all round the year. April to June are the summer months in Lonavala. During this time, the maximum temperature reaches around 37 degrees Celsius. If you want to know the best time to visit Lonavala, then October and May are the months when you should plan your trip.

14 Places To Visit In Lonavala In Summer

If you are planning a trip to Lonavala in summer along with your family members, here are the places that you can visit to make your vacation more enjoyable.

1. Ryewood Park

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Situated at the heart of the city near the main market, Ryewood Park is an ideal one-day picnic spot and is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala during summer. As the park was a botanical garden earlier, it is full with thousands of different unique and rare tree species. Also, well-maintained lawns, dedicated children’s zones, and a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva are a significant part of this park. You will also find plenty of open areas to engage your family members in outdoor games such as cricket, tennis, badminton, etc. So, visit this park soon to relax and unwind yourself.

Location: National Highway 4, Siddharth Nagar, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM

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2. Lonavala Lake

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Built-in 1876, Lonavala Lake is the major of water for the entire city. Even though the ideal time to visit this lake is rainy season as the lake will be gushing with water looking absolutely splendid, it is still one of the best Lonavala places to visit in summer for relaxing yourself. You can also enjoy the exciting range of snacks along with keeping an eye on a variety of flora and fauna that can be found near this lake. Visit this place soon to spend some time with nature.

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Visiting Hours: Anytime

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3. Narayani Dham Temple

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Beautifully adorned with white marbles, Narayani Dham Temple is one of the most-visited Lonavala tourist places in summer. It is the perfect place to find your mental peace. Constructed in 2002, this shrine is mainly dedicated to Goddess Narayani decked up with awesome vastras and abhushans. Also, you will find the stunning idols of numerous other deities including Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman in this temple. Adding to this, the magnificent premise of this temple offers accommodation at the most economical pricing and delicious food as prasada. So, don’t miss to consider this place while you are at Lonavala.

Location: Yoga Center, Plot No 28/199, Near Kaivalyadhama, Tungarli Rd, Tungarli, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: 6.30 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 10 PM

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4. Miniature World Museum

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If you admire creativity, then don’t forget to include Miniature World Museum in your list of must-see places to visit Lonavala in summer. Ideal for both adults and children, this museum houses unique miniature models of cities with buildings, houses, roads, cars, parks, hills, mountains, ropeways, and many more. Airport models with planes landing or taking off and moving trains are a treat to your eyes. So, pay a visit to this place at the earliest to witness extreme creativity and detailing skills.

Location: NH 4, Varsoli, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410405
Visiting Hours: 10 AM to 8 PM
Entry Fee: INR 100 per person

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5. Bhairavnath Temple

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Nestled in the backdrop of thick and dense forest, the splendid temple of Lord Bhairavnath is an ideal place to relax and restore yourself. Gorgeously-designed, this temple exhibits traditional Konkan Architecture and is dedicated to Lord Bhairavnath an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Also, the serene atmosphere of this place offers an ultimate place to engage yourself in meditation. So, visit this sacred temple as soon as possible to experience maximum spirituality.

Location: Kusgaon, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: 6 AM to 7 PM

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6. Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum

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The brainchild of veteran wax artist, Sunil Kandaloor of Kerala, the most-noted Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum is home to around 100 wax statues of famous people across the world. With real-life measurements, these wax statues resemble various renowned personalities from all walks of life, for instance, religion, politics, sports, art, literature, social life, and even history.

You can find the impressive wax statues of Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Narendra Modi, Kapil Dev, Michael Jackson, A R Rahman, Charlie Chaplin, and many others in this museum. Visit this best-known place of Lonavala in summer and click selfies with your favorite celebrity.

Location: Lonavala Junction, Lonavala Square Mall, Takve Kurth, Pune, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: Rs. 100 for Adults and Rs. 75 for kids above 5 years
Entry Fee: 9 AM to 9 PM (Remains closed on all national holidays)

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7. Lion’s Point

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Lion’s Point is one of the most popular places to visit in Lonavala in summer. Don’t worry! There are no lions in this place. The place just got this name owing to its association with the Lions Club of Lonavala. It is a hilltop that lies around 12km away from the city and is famous for its mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. Breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and Shivling Peak makes this place absolutely magnificent. Also, several food stalls selling a variety of snacks are available in this area to maximize your enjoyment. So, include this amazing location in your must-visit list of Lonavala tourist places in summer.

Location: Lonavala – Atwan ,Aamby Valley Road, Road, Dattawadi, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Time: All Day
Entry Fee: None

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8. Della Adventure Park

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If you are an adventure lover, then Della Adventure Park, one of India’s extreme adventure parks, is the most perfect place for you. It offers more than 50 exciting and most thrilling sports activities including Swoop Swing, Roller Zorb, Bungee Trampoline, PaintBall, Mountain Trekking, Horse Riding, Shooting, Archery, Hard Ball Net Cricket, Air Hockey, Virtual Boxing, Buggy Ride, Artificial Rock Climbing, Land Zorbing, Rappelling, and Flying Fox. Apart from these, the huge ground of this park also houses several night clubs, restaurants, shopping zones, and accommodation options. So, visit this place at the earliest to indulge yourself in extremely thrilling activities.

Location: Lonavla, Kunegaon, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: 11 AM to 9 PM (For adventurous activities)

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9. Amrutanjan Point

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Located hardly 7-8 km away from the Lonavala, Amrutanjan Point is one of the most popular places to visit Lonavala in summer and is an ideal picnic spot for your family. The place owns pleasant weather throughout the year and offers mind-blowing scenic views of nearby hills, valleys, as well as Mumbai Pune Expressway. Very less crowd and the absence of any kind of commercial activity makes this place worth spending some time alone and actually enjoy it. Also, visit this place to take photos and selfies with the backdrop of beautiful nature.

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Visiting Hours: All Day
Entrance Fee: NIL

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10. Dinosaurs Parks

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Visit Dinosaurs Parks in Lonavala in summer if you wish to experience the thrill of the Jurassic world in India. Sprawled across a vast area of 6.5 acres, this theme park features 36 realistic animatronic models of dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus. You will not only locate several dinosaur-themed rides but also be able to find numerous stores selling dinosaur-themed merchandise on the grounds of this park.

In addition to that, many restaurants are available around this place to satisfy your hunger and appetite. Therefore, visit this park soon to enhance your knowledge of the lost world of Dinosaurs.

Location: Rainbow Land Parks, Lonavla, Aundholi, Maharashtra 410401
Visiting Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
Entry Fee: INR 250 per person

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11. Karla Caves

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Built around 2000 years ago, the Karla Caves is situated within 8km from Lonaval and depicts Buddhist architecture. Well-preserved by the respected Archaeological Survey of India, this complex features elegantly-carved Chaitya Griha and several Viharas for the Buddhist monks. This Chaitya Griha is regarded as the largest and grandest Buddhist Chaitya Grihas found across India whereas vaulted interiors of the viharas absolutely worth mentioning.

Adding to it, a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Ekveera is available within this premise, mostly revered by the local fisher community. Visit this magnificent rock-cut cave complex and admire all the hard work that has been put by the Buddhist monks to create this place.

Location: Karla, Lonavala, Maharashtra 41040
Visiting Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
Entry Fee: Rs. INR 15 for Indians and INR 300 for foreigners

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12. Bhaja Caves

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Acknowledged as the oldest rock-cut cave complex of India, Bhaja Caves traces their roots back to around 160 B. C. The complex is an exceptional illustration for Buddhism Architecture and houses 14 intricately-crafted Stupas as well as sculptures. Moreover, it is most important to note that many of these sculptures were probably painted at that time, however, we are only able to see a few residues of those paints nowadays.

Apart from these, you can also find a group of monasteries incorporated with halls and verandahs in this humongous cave complex. Therefore, make sure that this national monument well-protected by the respected Archaeological Survey of India is listed in your Lonavala tourist places in summer checklist.

Location: Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District, Lonavla, 412106
Visiting Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
Entrance Fee: INR 15 for Indians and INR 200 for foreigners

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13. Rajmachi Fort Complex

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Strategically located, Rajmachi Fort Complex has been used to supervise activities surrounding the Konkan region in earlier days by several renowned empires of India. Now, it is the most famous trekking site of India and is also one of the must-visit sites of Lonavala in summer. Built at a height around 3000 feet from the sea level, this fort complex features two fortresses, namely, Manaranjana and Shrivardhan. Both are excellent proof of outstanding architectural ideals and impeccable defence mechanism.

The breath-taking views of nearby water streams and surrounding lush greenery offer an unforgettable experience. If you are one amongst nature lovers and adventure freaks, then Rajmachi Fort Complex should be on your list of places to visit in Lonavala during summer. So, visit this place at the earliest.

Location: Rajmachi Fort, Lonavala
Visiting Hours: Any Time

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14. Duke’s Point

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An ultimate destination for photography, Duke’s Point offers unparalleled panoramic views of splendid hills, beautiful valleys, and dense green forest. This place is extremely famous among adventure lovers as it provides the perfect setting for trekking, hiking, and rock climbing. Moreover, this place is well-known across the country for hosting the Highline Adventurous Slackline Festival every year. So, don’t forget to visit this fantastic location of Lonavala in summer to experience the vibes of thrill.

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Visiting Hours: Any Time


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All the above-mentioned tourist places are absolutely worth a visit in Lonavala in summer. So, plan a trip with your loved ones and make your vacation in Lonavala more memorable. Also, don’t forget to take your home a variety of sweets sold in several famous shops in Lonavala, for instance, chikkis and fudges with different exotic flavors. You and your friends are going to love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lonavala In Summer

Q. Which is the best month to visit Lonavala?

A. The best time to visit Lonavala is from October to May as the town witnesses heavy rainfall during the months from June to September.

Q. What is Lonavala mainly known for?

A. Lonavala is one of the most-visited tourist places in the country and is well-known for producing chikkis made up of jaggery as well as different types of nuts.

Q. Is Lonavala worth visiting?

A. Absolutely. The town offers something for everyone. Several attractive and adventurous places are available throughout the town to make your visit worthwhile.

Q. What is the climate in Lonavala in the summer?

A. Lonavala has the most pleasant weather in the summer. During this period, the temperature of the town varies between 15-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius.

Q. How to reach Lonavala?

A. Lonavala can be reached by all the prominent cities of the country through Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, Pune International Airport, and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Also, it enjoys good connectivity to the rail transport network.

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