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Where today’s DEXs are falling short, explained

Modern exchanges are aggregating deeper liquidity to ensure sufficient funds in pools.

The number of modern platforms is rising, making it hard for a user to choose the most suitable option. 

KyberSwap is one competitive DEX on the market, operating with the ability to aggregate liquidity from over 80 exchanges across 11 chains extending from Avalanche to Aurora. Working hand in hand with a Dynamic Trade Routing platform, traders are guaranteed optimal trade routes and prices with an algorithm that automatically splits trades across these exchanges. 

The DEX also provides a Discover feature that utilizes TrueSight technology to analyze trading volumes and price trends, ensuring that investors take advantage of trending tokens as they arise.

On the liquidity side, KyberSwap provides additional incentivization for users to stake their funds through their liquidity mining program. Here, liquidity providers can earn bonus incentives by adding token liquidity and staking LP tokens to associated farms.

A new protocol called KyberSwap Elastic has just been unveiled too, which is a tick-based AMM offering concentrated liquidity. This gives users the flexibility to provide liquidity to pools with different fee tier settings, with earnings automatically reinvested so they benefit from compounding. An anti-sniping feature is also offered for added protection.

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