Where to Use Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Creating a safe home nowadays is essential. If you think the anti-theft bars and alarms are enough, you would be wrong. There are other aspects you need to be aware of if you want to be safe. This includes knowing where to use non-slip floor coverings.

Non-slip floor coverings are an absolute necessity in all homes. Most people think that a little slip here and there won’t really hurt. This is not the case at all and the slip and fall injuries are among the highest recorded in hospitals. This is why it is essential to prevent your home from being subject to high accident. The question is, where can you actually use the non-slip floor covering? Well, the answer is practically everywhere in the house. One of the main strengths of this product is that it can be applied on almost any surface. You can keep your beautiful tiles or wooden floor and simply place the cladding right above it.

How does the non-slip floor covering work? It was designed to dry completely clear. The process by which it is applied is as follows:

· Clean the floor: this is done using the degreaser for non-slip coating. It will help lift fat and oil residing on the floor.

Apply the coating: once the floor is dry, the coating can be applied to all necessary areas and will have to dry completely before anyone can walk on it.

Clean the floor again: to make sure the floor is 100% non-slip, it is important to clean the floor one last time with the degreaser.

All that remains to be done is to cross the floor and note that it is completely non-slip. At first, in fact, it will be difficult to realize it, because there will be no evidence that you have changed your floor. It is no longer necessary to change all the floors in the house, instead it is sufficient to apply the non-slip coating. The best places to apply it will be in the kitchen, bathroom and any other area that has slippery tiles. Having a safe home is easy.

Non-slip solutions for businesses

It is not only homeowners who need to create a safe place, but also business owners. There are several options available for commercial premises, including non-slip floor covering, which will help create non-slip surfaces. One of the most important areas is the wheelchair access ramp. During rainy days, these ramps can become slippery, simply using a kit of non-slip handles to align the ramp, you won’t have to worry that people tied to the wheelchair will access your building with difficulty.


by Kenneth Nel