Where Is Rey Rivera’s Friend From ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ in 2020?

Restarting Netflix Unsolved mysteries is reinventing the classic docuseries of the 90s for a new audience, and has generated a lot of buzz since the start of its first six episodes on July 1. As fans of the original know, each episode follows a different unresolved case, ranging from potential crimes (as unexplained) deaths and disappearances) to apparent UFO sightings and other mysterious situations.

The first episode of the new season, “Mystery on the Rooftop”, is one of the most discussed episodes so far, delving into the strange and tragic 2006 death of Ray Rivera, whose body was found in a Baltimore hotel after it had been missing for over a week. Although the police ultimately concluded that his death was suicide, the episode explores a number of irregularities and suspicious facts that challenge this – for example, Rivera would have jumped when he died, but his cell phone and his glasses were not damaged, and there was no damage. clearly, he could have landed where he was found. Following an autopsy that revealed injuries that were incompatible with the type of blunt trauma that would be expected from a fall, the cause of death for Rivera was listed as inconclusive.

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Ray Rivera, with Maria, Angel, his sister and his father.

Courtesy of Netflix

Another intriguing element of this saga is Stansberry & Associates, the financial firm where Rivera was employed by his longtime friend, Frank Porter Stansberry. As noted in the episode, Rivera’s phone shows that the last call he received came from the Stansberry & Associates switchboard – the caller’s identity is not known – and he apparently rushed out of his house after receiving this call. At the time of Rivera’s death, Stansberry had been prosecuted by the Securities and Exchange Commission and convicted of security fraud.

By Unsolved mysteries, Stansberry & Associates employees were put under a gag that prevented them from discussing the disappearance of Rivera, although a company spokesperson denied this in a recent statement to The Baltimore Sun. Stansberry is said to have offered a $ 1,000 reward for information about the fate of Rivera when he first disappeared. “He’s a happy guy,” said Stansberry The sun at the time. “He and his wife had just booked a trip to New Mexico in a few weeks. It was not a man who wanted to leave. I need to find my friend. I cannot imagine my life without him. He’s my best friend. “However, Stansberry apparently refused to speak to the police about Rivera’s death and refused to participate in the production of Unsolved mysteries.

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Since Stansberry is presented as a mysterious figure throughout the episode, viewers wonder what he is doing today. Well, he still works in the company, which has now been renamed Stansberry Research, and according to his LinkedIn page, he is also the host of Stansberry Radio, “a weekly show that quickly became one of the radio shows most popular online financial services. “

Stansberry’s LinkedIn page also describes him as an influential and divisive figure in the financial sector. “Today, [Frank] Porter is well known for doing some of the most important – and often controversial – work in the financial advisory industry, “read the” About “section.” Since launching Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, his accurate forecast series has made his board one of the most widely read in the world, and has helped readers avoid the disaster and make incredible gains. “

If this vague reference to controversy intrigues you, there is at least one widely known example. In 2010, Stansberry released a YouTube video called “The end of AmericaIn which – as the title suggests – he offered a grim prediction for the future of the United States, and in particular its financial systems. Before the video even went viral, Stansberry clearly knew the waters in which he was wading, starting with a warning in capital letters as follows: “The following presentation is controversial and may be offensive to certain audiences. Viewer’s discretion is advised. ” The video ends, unsurprisingly, with an invitation to sign up for a Stansberry Research subscription to better protect yourself from the impending crash.

Aside from this video, Stansberry doesn’t seem interested in drawing much attention to itself and keeps its privacy out of the spotlight. It remains to be seen whether the renewed focus on him will inspire him to break his silence on Rivera’s death.

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