Where Is ‘Making the Cut’ Winner Jonny Cota Now?

Where Is ‘Making the Cut’ Winner Jonny Cota Now?
Where Is 'Making the Cut' Winner Jonny Cota Now?

Where Is ‘Making the Cut’ Winner Jonny Cota Now?

Amazon Prime Video’s Make the cut In the fall of 2019, 12 talented designers went all the way – a trip that involved trips to Paris, Tokyo and New York, exciting parades and time-consuming challenges. At the end, Jonny Cota from Los Angeles was declared the winner of the contest, receiving $ 1 million, one-year mentorship with the Amazon Fashion team and the opportunity to create a collection for sale at the Amazon Fashion store.

Reacting to his victory, judge Heidi Klum says that even if she voted for the second Esther Perbandt in the final, she absolutely believes that Jonny deserved the grand prize.

“He has a strong story to tell and he is a great designer. I think he has a super clear brand identity and I wish him every success,” Heidi explains to Good Housekeeping. “There is no doubt, you know, I’m super happy for him.”

Where Is 'Making the Cut' Winner Jonny Cota Now?
Where Is ‘Making the Cut’ Winner Jonny Cota Now?

So what is Jonny Cota so far after winning Make the cut?

Since he became the first champion of Make the cut Last August, the creator of Skingraft was very busy creating and preparing for the launch of his Amazon Fashion collection Jonny Cota Studio, which was officially released following the Make the cut final.

Immediately after his victory, Jonny tells Good Housekeeping that despite his enthusiasm for victory, he also had a difficult time. Due to the broadcast’s embargoes, he was forced to keep the big news for himself.

“I had a major low point for a month, where I had just had this huge life-changing experience, and no one knew it, and I couldn’t tell anyone,” says Jonny. “So I came home and I was a little lost for a month – like what now? And after that month of depression, I started it up.”

From then on, Jonny started to run with his collection. Her mentorship, which started immediately after the finale was over, includes weekly sessions with the Amazon Fashion team. He will bring his ideas to the table, and they will give him “hints and nudges” to prepare him for greater success.

“It’s more about me saying,” This is what I want to do, this is what my pictures look like, this is the range I want to do. “And then they’ll say,” Cool, that sounds good. “Or sometimes they’ll go,” why don’t you think about making a wider range of sizes? “Or” what about doing this in fabrics more accessible? “”

All the back and forth with Amazon and sleepless nights led Jonny to this great moment today, launching his homonymous label in the world for the first time.

“I am delighted to offer my bold and progressive version of streetwear to a wider audience with Jonny Cota Studio. That means going out of black, going out of limited size, embracing a wider range of customers, “he explains.” I do prints and double XL, and a lot of things I would have liked to do 10 years ago, but I never had the confidence to do. This will set Jonny Cota apart from everything I have done in the past, as it is an upbeat, colorful and vibrant collection, but it’s still me. ”

As for his L.A. store, which Makes the cut viewers have seen the launch during the season, it is temporarily closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. When he reopens, he will wear both his Jonny Cota Studio collection and pieces from Skingraft.

“My plan was to conclude the Skingraft brand at the end of Make the cut and just focus on Jonny Cota. But Skingraft got this awesome momentum and new life and energy from the show – sales are fantastic, our momentum and social engagement are fantastic, so Skingraft will stay. ”

But one thing is certain: “In 2020, I will invest my energy in Jonny Cota.”

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