What’s In Falcon’s Wakandan Box From Bucky: New Wings Or [SPOILER]?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 5, “Truth,” sees Bucky gives Sam a box containing a gift from Wakanda. Here’s what’s in it.

Warning! Contains SPOILERS for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5, “Truth”.

Bucky Barnes gives Sam Wilson a box with a gift from Wakanda in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5 – but does it contain new Falcon wings, a Captain America costume, or something else? While Sam was given the shield by Steve Rogers at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Falcon and Winter Soldier gave viewers a new Captain America in the form of John Walker. However, after his naughty turn at the end of Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 4, where he brutally killed Nico in an incident the whole world witnessed, his time as Cap is over, meaning Sam can finally take over.

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Bucky and Sam’s bond is stronger than ever The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5, “Truth,” which extends to the first by giving the second a gift. Earlier in the episode, Bucky handed Zemo over to the Wakandans, allowing him to face justice again for his crimes. In return, he called in favor, asking Wakanda to do something for Sam, but the episode never reveals what it is – instead ending with a tease opening the box.

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Considering the timing of the moment and the music swelling around him, it’s pretty clear that there’s a new Captain America costume in the box that Bucky gives Sam, likely made at least in part from vibranium, but it will also feature new wings. . Sam has already collected the shield by this point, and the episode devotes a lot of time to discussing the notion of a black man being Captain America. While Isaiah Bradley might not agree, it’s clear those around Sam believe in him and, more importantly, he’s starting to believe in himself, even getting a workout style montage. Rocky with the shield. To that end, then, giving him a new Captain America costume at the end is the completion of that part of the journey, and now he’s quite ready to become Captain America like Steve wanted him to, except now it’s up to its conditions.

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Sam and Bucky with Box in episode 5 of Falcon and Winter Soldier

As for what Sam’s Captain America costume will look like, it has been revealed through toy leaks. The costume Bucky made by Wakanda is the perfect blend of Falcon and Captain America – it retains the former’s wings, but gives it the latter’s color scheme, with particular emphasis on white (especially the wings). and blue (mainly the legs), accompanied by a few red accents, not too different from the one Sam wears as Cap in Marvel Comics. This makes a lot of sense to the Cap Sam type, prioritizing the purity (white), justice and perseverance (blue) that these flag colors symbolize.

Since the costume is made in Wakanda, it is fair to assume that it will be made of vibranium, much like Cap’s shield and as previously seen with the Black Panther costume. This is important because, unlike Steve, Bucky, and now John Walker, Sam is not (and never will be) a Super Soldier. Having a Captain America vibranium suit will give him an added level of protection, while the new vibranium wings make Falcon even stronger – a key part of helping him feel distinct as a Cap, but also because Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 had its precedents broken by John Walker. It won’t be easy to do once they are made of vibranium.

There’s also something particularly apt about Sam getting his new Captain America costume from Bucky. Not only does this strengthen the bond of the eponymous duo of the series, but it also gives a greater bond to Steve Rogers; By having one of his best friends get the new Cap costume for the other, both Bucky and Steve are part of the legacy Sam will forge as the new Captain America. He’ll be his own man, of course, but it’s also nice to know that he’ll take something of the two with him. The tease of Sam’s new Captain America costume in the box also sets up the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where he’ll face off against John Walker, who is shown in a post-credits scene building his own version of Captain’s shield. America. Likewise, it fits with a common superhero trope of the hero who gets his appropriate costume at the end of the first season or the first movie. With all of that, then the box Bucky gives Sam, and the Captain America costume inside, helps bring Sam’s story to its conclusion, while still leaving room to grow as potential. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2.

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