What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Each character on The Flash is complex in their own ways. Thus, the characters that fans love can reveal something about their own personality traits.

It would be natural to think that The Flash focuses solely on Barry Allen considering his superhero name is the show’s title. However, that’s not quite the case. Barry is, of course, the glue that holds the show together, but the story doesn’t stop there.

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The Flash also has plenty of intriguing supporting and main characters to offer its viewers. Each character on the show is complex in their own ways. Every fan has their own favorite to watch, and the characters that fans love can reveal something about their own personalities.

10 Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash is one of the greatest villains of the show. He’s been Barry’s nightmare since the first season and he keeps coming back to haunt him.

Eobard fans are probably confident, intelligent, and ambitious. They know the value of patience and they’re in for the long run as long as it means they will achieve your goals. After all, Eobard has waited for years to get his revenge on Barry.

9 Ralph Dibny

Ralph Dibny aka the Elongated Man wasn’t always a hero. In fact, he used to be far from heroic. He changed his ways when he joined the team Flash and quickly became an important part of it. Ralph left the team after the sixth season and went into hiding with Sue Dearborn.

Ralph fans might have a sense of humor. They can come across as goofy but they’re also able to take things seriously. They’re supportive friends, especially when they feel like their loved ones are struggling.

8 Allegra Garcia

The Flash Allegra Garcia Map of Earth-Prime Arrowverse

Allegra is one of the newest members of Team Flash. She joined Iris in her newspaper as a reporter and also uses her powers to help the team whenever they needed. Allegra hasn’t had an easy life either and her family issues influenced her greatly.

If you like Allegra you might be as resourceful and brave as she is. Allegra sometimes isn’t so confident but she always tries to do the right thing. Allegra fans may have a strong sense of right and wrong. They’re friendly but don’t react well when they feel like someone betrayed them.

7 Chester P. Runk

Chester hasn’t been a part of the team for long and as such, hasn’t yet had the opportunity to show everything he can do. Chester and the team first met under rather dramatic circumstances when he created a dangerous invention and the team helped Chester in crisis.

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If you like Chester you might have a sense of humor. Chester fans are smart, just like he is, and hate to be bored. They might talk a million miles a minute. Even if they make mistakes sometimes, they can be relied on to help others.

6 Cecile Horton

Cecile is one of the newer characters on The Flash but she quickly became one of the fan-favorites. She originally had no powers but thanks to her pregnancy with Jemma, she became adept at reading first, thoughts, and then emotions.

If you like Cecile you have optimistic nature. Cecile fans make for great friends since they’re empathetic and able to figure out when somebody doesn’t feel well and needs help. They’re determined to succeed in their chosen line of work but will always put their family and friends first.

5 Cisco Ramon

Cisco is the ultimate proof that a person doesn’t need special powers to be a hero. He gave up his powers and continues to be an important member of the team thanks to his intelligence and technical expertise.

Cisco will be a favorite character of many people who consider themselves introverts. Maybe they’re a bit geeky and have a strong sense of humor. They’re intelligent and might have a particular area they have strong knowledge in.

4 Caitlin Snow

Caitlin hasn’t had it easy. She had to learn how to live with her newfound powers after Barry caused the Flashpoint. She lost her dad and her husband. She also dated an evil speedster who kidnapped her. That might be enough for other people to collapse but not Caitlin.

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If you like Caitlin, you might be intelligent and driven but don’t always do so well when it comes to finding the balance between your work life and personal life. Caitlin fans have a few close friends who they would do anything for.

3 Joe West

The Flash Success Is Assured Barry Allen with Joe West

Even though Joe had to raise both Iris and Barry on his own, he did a great job and is one of the best parents in the entire Arrowverse. Joe has recently become a new father and he always has a kind word or a piece of advice for his children or friends when they need it.

If you like Joe West you might be similarly kind. Other people turn to Joe fans because they’re trustworthy and smart. They have a sense of humor but also work hard to achieve their dreams. They can be stubborn but usually mean well and wear their hearts on your sleeves.

2 Iris West-Allen

The Flash Intelligence Iris West-Allen

Iris didn’t always get the attention she would deserve on the show and she sometimes ended up being sidelined. However, she eventually had the opportunity to showcase herself. Despite her lack of powers, she’s a hero because of her heart.

If you like Iris you might be as brave and driven as her. When Iris investigates something in her line of work, she leaves no stone unturned. Such determination sometimes put her in danger but also helped her solve problems. In other words, people who like Iris are intelligent problem-solvers who also have a kind nature.

1 Barry Allen

As the main hero of the show, Barry is the character a lot of fans love. He hasn’t had an easy life but he mostly manages to retain his optimism and keeps fighting for what he believes to be right.

If you like Barry you might enjoy helping others as well. Barry fans try to look at the world and life in a positive light. They have a strong bond with their family and friends. Sometimes they can try and bear too many things on their shoulders but they shouldn’t forget they can rely on others as well and don’t have to do everything alone.

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