What Triggers Hair Loss and How to Prevent It From Happening

A growing number of women suffer from seasonal hair loss. The Genesis collection from Kérastase gets to the bottom of the problem.

According to Google Trends, breathing apps, CBD skin care and sound baths were among the most searched items in the wellness category in 2019. In fact, many of us are looking for new ways to feel better and live healthier lives – now more than ever. But while we apply hyaluronic acid-infused sheet masks on our faces, get regular pedicures, and dry-brush our bodies, there is one area we may overlook: our hair. But something called seasonal hair loss or hair loss changes that.


As the seasons change, your body becomes alert and sheds a little hair, says David D’Amours, hairdresser and editor-in-chief at Kérastase. “It’s not a drastic change, but it’s a small change your body can feel,” he says, and it’s enough to make more stray strands appear on your cashmere sweater than usual.

While hair loss has traditionally been viewed as either a male problem (something our fathers, brothers, and friends have to deal with) or a side effect of aging, it is not, says D’Amours, who has worked with celebrities like Celine Dion and the former First Lady of France Carla Bruni. In fact, it’s the biggest hair problem among millennials, which makes sense given that 88 percent of women by the age of 40 experience seasonal hair loss. It’s no wonder that another trend known by the beauty industry as “hair wellness” is gaining momentum.

Canadian women know firsthand how our hair reacts to frequent, and often extreme, temperature changes (a fact in Canada that inspired the popular meme that we have 11 seasons, not four), but there are a number of other factors affecting hair cause fall, says D’Amours. It’s exposed to pollution and UV rays on a daily basis as well as our collective obsession with heat styling tools that weaken our strands and cause them to break off in the center of the shaft.

At the scalp level, in addition to biological factors such as fluctuating hormones, our diet can trigger hair loss from the roots, as well as the stress of a busy lifestyle or, for example, experiencing a global pandemic. When D’Amours reopened his salon in Old Montreal in June after closing due to COVID-19, he noticed hair loss in many of his clients. “Even the quality of the hair had changed,” he says, adding Genesis, KérastaseThe collection of products designed to prevent hair loss, which happened to be launched this spring, couldn’t have come at a better time. “The pandemic has changed our lives a lot. And I think that’s why more and more people notice hair loss. ”

The new collection includes six products that work together to reduce hair loss by both strengthening the hair fiber to prevent breakage and stimulating the roots to reduce long-term hair loss. And just because they’re working doesn’t mean they have to smell like they belong in a medicine cabinet. That is why they are mixed with a luxurious bergamot and citrus scent, developed by Calice Becker, the woman behind popular perfumes for fashion houses like Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta.

One of its main ingredients, Aminexil, is believed to inhibit an enzyme that strengthens collagen in the scalp – one of the causes of hair loss from the root – and works along with caffeine and ginger root extract, two other ingredients that target the scalp stimulate blood circulation. On the other hand, native edelweiss cells supply the hair with moisture and protect the fibers from extreme environmental conditions. (Hello, polar vortex.)

There are two shampoos for different hair types: Bain Nutri-Fortifiant, this helps straighten and untangle thicker hair for less breakage Bain Hydra-Fortifiant, This is great for finer hair as it removes dirt and excess oil from the scalp to help restore volume to saggy strands, says D’Amours. The volume for all hair types is done via the Anti-hair loss strengthening serum and Treatment ampoules. While some D’Amour customers fear that using additional products could weigh their hair down, they have the opposite effect. They add body but feel very light in the hair, he says. But his favorite product in the collection is Défense Thermique, A heat protection spray for up to 220 ° C. He recommends it to his salon customers (who make beach waves at home with their irons) as well as his celebrity and model customers (whom he instructs to bring a bottle for photo shoots and film sets). D’Amours loves it like everyone else Kérastase Products he can customize treatments so that he can mix and match genesis Products with different lines depending on hair type and color as well as other needs – something that reminds him of a popular travel destination in Paris. “It’s like a trip to the French pharmacy,” he says.

While genesis Products take a strategic approach to preventing hair loss, maintaining healthy hair and a healthy scalp is a holistic endeavor, which is why Kérastase developed the line under the guidance of a dermatologist. Dr. Laura Scott says it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, but cautions that if there is extreme breakage or if the hair is significantly less sparse in a certain area, it will need to be fixed.

In the salon

D’Amours says his clients love the instant results from Fusio-Dose, whether they come to the salon for blowout, balayage, or bangs. “It’s one of the most popular treatments in our salon,” he says of the customizable hair application that is now available at the genesis Range. Applied at the sink and rinsed, the treatment only takes a few minutes, making it ideal for busy clients, he says. It can also be mixed and matched with a selection of boosters from other areas that do everything from lightening blonde to thickening strands. And while the home version of the genesis treatment Masque Reconstituant is a great DIY option, it is a nice reward to complete your service when in the salon, says D’Amours. “It’s like the cherry on the sundae.”

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